I truly am in love with you

With one word you started your challenge on me
And thereafter everything felt so right,
In a new way you made me feel and see
That someone like you is what I needed by my side.

I love falling asleep with you on the phone
You are the only one with whom I feel so close,
Your silence tells me more than your tone
I need you to want me to keep you on your toes.

I look at you and see the person you truly are
And I realize that your mind and beauty is rare,
You have reached full cycles and have come far
I'm proud of you for being so open and fair.

I love to be next to you while you watch television
Which makes me realize the special bond we have,
Your happiness has become my mission
You make my day when I hear your amazing laugh.

I wish to surround you while holding you near
And have you rest on my chest and feel my heart beat,
Promise never to forget that my feelings are sincere
Regardless of how often we will talk or meet.

I love the way you make me feel so special and loved
No one will ever understand the way we feel,
I can't get enough of your kisses that are so soft
After that, nothing in the world seems like a big deal.

Our connection is amazing and so unique
I never thought I could feel the way I do
And that in you, I would find everything I seek
I truly am in love with you.

* *

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