The fly


The switch You have the kids The house the car The e.mail address I have the dreams The morbid wishes The curses the fits Canonized By motherhood No more a whore A tart a friend You play the part A prima donna In my bed In my house Squatting leering In my Dreams

In the mirror Over the sink You stare at me With insipid blue You wanted to be me God I want to be you My nausea subsiding My knees still weak My eyes out of focus I'm shaking I'm sick

The scent of fear The stench of wine The nightmare's dew The ice my skin The heat the truth

The shame The shame I am the freak Who loved a heathen Who looked like a god

I tore out the fruit And made it rot The wisdom insane The hurt its freedom My reason the pain Of being different

I want to run My legs are lead I want to fly But my senses have bled Except for instinct From my wretched skin

This will be your biggest heist Pretty white thief You two are so right by popular belief

same shade same tongue same tribe same genes sweethearts of the supreme right beings

Roam in my bed With your thrashing charm Stain my sheets Where tears dropped Where honesty lost To superior race You wanted to be me? You wanted this place? Where love disappears At your behest The blade is switched Love's scavenging beast You are welcome To this poisonous feast.

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