Religion of peace? Pahleeeez…

I am writing this in reference to Payman A.'s “Don't Blame Islam“. As a 30-year-old who has actually lived in both countries and keeps up with world issues daily for quite some time and seen the effects of the “religion of peace” first hand, I can say without hesitation that we should in fact blame Islam for most of the problems not only in the Middle East but in the world right now.  

Not that Christianity, Judaism, Bahaism, and every other religion is any better mind you, but at least I don't see any of them claim to be the religion of peace and then fly planes into buildings on sunny Tuesday mornings in September. I also don't see any of the other religions cut off innocent people's heads in cold blood while chanting the equivalent of “Allah o Akbar”.    

Closer to home, people are not complaing about laws against taking a dump in the middle of the street. That's just respect to the cities and a totally different issue that has nothing to do with religion. What angers people about Islam are acts such as the “religion of peace” hanging an abused girl, Layla M, after lashing her 100 times, for the crime of being abused an abused child. People blame Islam for giving power to the dirty mullahs who arrest and torture anybody who speaks badly about the government and thus the fake religion that it is based on.

These are just the tip of the ice burg as most Iranians know, but if this is the best that the most modern Islamic country in the world can offer, then I don't want to have anything to do in any shape or form with this backwards murderous religion whose only contribution to civilization besides algebra is to kill and destroy.

Think about it, have you ever seen an Islamic country invent anything besides destruction? Find the cure to anything? The saddest part is that in the eyes of Arabs, Iran is not even a good Muslim country, so why even bother?

I'm sure you good Muslims have an answer for me. Some will say “well that slut had it coming to her for being sold for prostitution at the age of 8 and she SHOULD be hanged… and those guys, they had it coming too”. Most will give the old “oh those guys who do that aren't real Muslims. And don't represent the spirit of Islam” Really now? It's funny because I'm sure they would the same about you.  

So who ARE the good Muslims? It's easy to just brush off atrocities by saying that those who commit them don't represent the religion but they ARE in fact Muslims. Why is that that we never see these “good Muslims” stand up and say that the actions of those who commit acts against humanity are wrong?  How many protests did we see in Iran after the beheading videos came out to denounce them and show that “real Muslims” don't support that?  No, really?  Be honest with your self you good Muslims.

If you claim to be a good Muslim then you're not doing your self any favor by only protesting when someone talks badly of your religion. Furthurmore, if you read the Koran closely, you'll see that the people who commit these acts really are good Muslims. They're doing what they are told to do. How many sections in the Koran are dedicated to just killing?

I always find it amusing to be lectured on world topics by a 14-year-old — and not just any 14-year-old, but a 14-year-old who has grown up in the US and only visited Iran. It's not a new thing really. I often hear American-born Persians get all offended when someone tells the truth about Islam while Iranians who have lived through Islam not give a rat's ass about it and in fact talk even worst about it. So why is it that American-born Persians stuck in their idealist world and never take off their rosey colored glasses?

Maybe Persian parents seem to be so guilt ridden about spoiling their kids in the US and are so afraid that they will go out and have sex that they feel it necessary to force them to go to religious classes without any perspective of the history of how Iran adoped the religion.

Or maybe this is just another pretentious thing that Persians do to show they've got “Persian Pride” along with their BMW, DKNY jeans, and being stuck up. These people have no idea what it is like to actually grow up in Iran. To grow up when you know you have no future and little room to grow and all thanks to the rules that unelected religious hairy men put in place. All in the name of Islam. 

I was recently told that I should at least try to fast during Ramadan by one of these girls: “I feel so great when I fast, even for just half a day, because I know I'm getting closer to God.” Just a week before that same girl was drinking, wearing a short skirt, and I'm pretty sure she's not exactly a virgin. Yet, she claims to be a good Muslim. You think that would fly in Iran?

If you're going to say you're a Muslim, then follow it to the book. Cover your self up from head to toe. Stay at home and do what the Taliban tells you. Otherwise, please cut the bullshit and stop pretending you're a good Muslim girl and preach about how great Islam is. If it was so great, you wouldn't be picking and choosing what parts you should follow.

So to the 14-year-old kid, or any other spoiled American Persian who visit Iran for a few months and all of a sudden thinks they knows everything:   Just because you visited the country where you didn't have to work a single day, stand in line for anything, went to the best parties, and were the center of the attention because you were from out of town, doesn't mean that you know how it is to live there. Yes Iranians need to use more common sense to keep the country cleaner and safer, but the attrocities of Islamic law are not imaginary.

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