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So what's all the fuss about Google's desktop search? Well google's main bread and butter has been its internet search. The key in any search engine is the efficiency of its engine to search. Well, a few months back Google decided to turn its powerful engine to desktops. They can now search your desktop (your hard disk) much faster than Microsoft is capable of searching using it's Windows search tool. It's a prettry cool tool. Go here and download the tool for free.

Here is the summary of emails received from readers last week:

Virus or spam

Q: I recently received an email in my MS-Outlook Inbox where there is no sending (From) and no receiving (To) email address and no time of sending (Sent). Any idea how such an email can be sent to another person? — Behzad

Persiatech: Two possibilities:

1. These are emails containing viruses (especially if they have attachments) and should be deleted witihout opening them.

2. These types of emails are spam emails sent by spamming companies for advertising. This is a more likely possibility

1. You can set up a filter in your email application (outlook in this case) to filter out emails with no subjects or with no senders, etc. That way those emails get filtered and you will not receive them again.

2. Try replying to the email and see if the address is a legitimate address. If so, ask whoever is sending it to you, to remove you from the list.


Q: What is exactly a plug in ? And if you already have Flash on your computer do you need a plugin to see a Flash animation a given website? — Darius

Persiatech: A plug-in is a piece of software that gets attached to your browser to carry out various functions not available on Internet Explorer or other web browsers. For example an audio plug-in allows the web browser to play audio. A flash plug-in allows your browser to play flash animations.

You probably have Macromedia Flash installation on your computer but I am guessing that the software you are referring to is the actual tool for producing flash not the player. Your browser needs a Macromedia Flash player. It's a free download.


Icon color

Q: In Display, is there a way to change the color of the desktop icons (shortcuts), so that they stand out from the wallpaper? At present, because both wallpaper and icon colors are similar, it is difficult to distinguish. — Farhad

Persiatech: Icons are images and it's not possible to change their color. However, the icons for your shortcuts can be replaced with other more suitable icons. You can search on the net for icons and you will find many icons that might suit your applications with better color contrasts.

Another possibility would be to draw your own icons using free icon drawing tools but that would be an overkill. If your icon colors clash with the background, you can always change the background or wallpaper colors on your desktop. To change the background, all you need to do is to right-click on the desktop and click on Properties. You will see the options there.

Can't get rid of IE

Q: I totally agree with you about Firebox. However, there is no way to get rid of IE even if you wanted to. — Farhad

Persiatech: Good point, thank you.

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