Will the U.S. attack Iran?

No! Why would that happen? Open up your minds and stop listening to the so-called roshanfekr intellectuals. You have to take into account several factors. However I'll start with what Iran should be worried about, and a brief history of Iran.

As I have said in “Don't blame Islam” the Iranian regime is not to blame for everything. Actually it's just the continuation of a saddening, depressing, and angering Iranian history.

Over 2,700 years ago in the aged and timeless country of Iran lived a scattered group of people called the Medes. The Assyrians kept invading Media because the Medes had no strong leader. The Medes selected a king, and all was well in Media. That was the last time the Iranians would vote for a leader without being tricked until Mossadegh came along.

Aside from that all of the true leaders of Iran have come through power through war, trickery, and deceit. When we worked together recently to stop National Geographic's renaming of the Persian Gulf to Arabian Gulf we succeeded. This is a good example of what we can do if we work together.

Iran has almost always been strong and united when it has had strong leaders. Examples are Cyrus, Darius, Xerxes, Shapur I and Shapur II, Shah Ismail, Shah Abbas, Nadir Shah Afshar, Karim Khan Zand, Agha Mohammad Khan Qajar, the Pahlavis, and yes even this current regime. In Iran's case a strong government has been a dictatorship.

However if you take a good look at Iranian history, you'll notice that when we didn't have dictators, we were a bunch of states ruled by regional kings, and living was tough. This is what the Iranian people should be worried about.

Iranians have made great strides in improving their literacy rates and their knowledge and if we continue educating ourselves at such a rate, we'll be capable of sustaining a democracy and not being tricked into a dictatorship. As Thomas Jefferson said, expecting a democracy with an ignorant people is something that never was, never is, and never will happen.

There are definitely a lot of traitors out there, among them Iranian groups that feed information about Iran's nuclear program to other countries. The groups that encourage war against the nation are traitors. A careless, unorganized way of trying to liberate Iran will be unsuccessful. It'll just lead to another faction that'll seize power or it will split Iran into several different nations. That leads me to another danger to Iran.

Secessionist groups are perhaps the most khaa'en of the Iranian people. We have to make sure that secessionist movements do not work or even begin. The Iranian government and majority Persians' prejudice and negligence toward other races and ethnic groups fuels the drive for secession from Iran in some areas of the country. Seceding states will be small and weak. They're easy pickings for expansionist nations.

Iran has already lost enough land due to Qajar wars. Losing more land will make our country weaker. Imagine a U.S. where the intellectualist Northeast and West Coast decide to break away from the rest of the Union. America is very diverse, but there are no signs of separatist movements because of that. The Iranian people should be united and support each other instead of tricking, shortchanging, and deceiving their fellow citizens.

But there are several things Iranians should be proud of. Iran has never been colonized, even when most of the world was under colonial control. Iranians are among the most patriotic and nationalistic of all people. Iran has been invaded, but Iranians have always managed to become free again.

If Iranians put their heads together and cooperate, Iran will move out of this backward state. When we worked together recently to stop National Geographic's renaming of the Persian Gulf to Arabian Gulf we succeeded. This is a good example of what we can do if we work together. Now let's get to the false war.

There are several reasons why an attack on Iran seems plausible, and several reasons, which make it unlikely.

We claim that Iran possesses nukes or will produce them, and that's why Iran may be attacked. That seems a plausible reason to be worried about an attack on Iran. However it would be foolish of us Iranian-Americans to think so. This is why Iran won't be attacked because of that reason: England, Germany, and France are cooperating with Iran on this threat.

Iran agreed to freeze uranium enrichment temporarily. Why should we attack if our allies overseas are currently handling the situation pretty well? Furthermore, we've already alienated our allies and the U.N. enough. Going to war would just make the situation worse, and bring us closer to a World War III.

Don't listen to the so-called liberals and intellectuals who claim the war has begun or will start soon. A lot of these folk are frustrated that Bush was reelected to the presidency. Claiming another war is inevitable is just a way of letting out their extreme disappointment about losing.

Another reason an attack on Iran seems likely is due to the theocracy and its hate of America. But, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia are a threat to U.S security even more than Iran is. If they're not being attacked or invaded why should we think Iran will be invaded? These two countries are our allies, but they harbor many terrorists and haters of America.

In Pakistan a substantial amount of the population is anti-American and Islamic fundamentalism is everywhere. These maniacs can easily kill the president of Pakistan, and Islamic fundamentalists could take over the government. I don't see a threat of a U.S. attack in Pakistan. Saudi Arabia's government has been linked to funding terrorists but there isn't an ongoing conflict there also. The above-mentioned reason is among the reasons why America won't attack Iran.

The most important explanation for why Iran won't be invaded is pretty simple. The U.S. military is overextended. Where would America get the necessary soldiers needed to invade Iran? There would have to be a lot more soldiers for an Iranian invasion. And no, the draft will not be revived, because the public outcry would be tremendous. Even if we could get around all these obstacles, the invasion and maintenance of stability in Iran in addition to Iraq and Afghanistan would be very difficult, to say the least.

We already face an enormous deficit that keeps growing. Maintaining soldiers in these countries simultaneously, would drain our economy, make the deficit grow to an unheard of size, and divert money from what really matters to us Americans: health care, social security, education, keeping the streets safe, etc. Put all this together and you can see a mass impeachment trial coming up.

You may argue that the nuclear sites would be bombed and nothing else would occur. Some of the nuclear sites are located in densely populated areas. A bombing would lead to many human casualties. The human casualties and the bombing itself would lead to a diplomatic disaster. The little trust our allies have left in us would be destroyed. Don't you think it would be a shame to bomb the nuclear sites at the expense of our allies' trust and more hatred toward us around the globe? The loss of our allies' trust and the human casualties should be two huge deterrents of a bombing.

Here is what us Iranian Americans should do. We should try to get our voices heard more often and get people to realize we exist. We should tell our representatives in Congress about our feelings toward an invasion or bombing. We should say that the love of Iranians toward Americans will be destroyed if an invasion or bombing occurs. We've been living in the shadows too long. We should try to run for governmental positions to truly make our views heard. Iranian-Americans should teach other Americans about their heritage and clear up the many misconceptions associated with the seven-letter word Iranian.

If people understand who we are, they'll begin to look past our false disguise and accept us. No longer will be widely portrayed as Arabs, terrorists, or unimportant. No longer will great Iranian poets and scientists like Al-Razi, Ibn-Sina, Khayyam, and Rumi be called Arabs. We should inform others about Iranian poets and scientists and their works.

People should know about our great heritage. Even though these achievements occurred in the past they helped create modern Western Civilization. The Greeks' discoveries happened a long time ago as well, but they are still important and are viewed with a lot more respect than Iranian discoveries. Iranians have been overlooked and underrated enough. A people numbering 70 million should not be ignored, especially if much tinier European populations are admired so much. Imagine the possibilities if we were to be viewed as an equal race and not as a stupid and savage one.

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