Remarkable, independent — and incomplete

The character depicted in this essay is a fictional representation of an ideal 21st century working women and does not represent the author nor any living person

21st Century Female Attorney – she is a woman first, then an attorney. She does not work at a big firm. She has her own schedule. She has a well-balanced life. She exudes power, confidence, and strength. She is self-reliant, capable, and independent, and above all she is a woman — she is sexy, chic, glamorous, loving, caring and compassionate. Even outside of the office, she has the talent of presenting a well-thought and articulate argument with all sides taken into consideration. The spicy aroma of her skin and the never-ending waves in her starlit hair are irresistible to the human eye. Yes, she is remarkable, yet you hesitate praising her; you can't accept to be less. Well, you are not!

She buys her stilettos at Gucci, she likes showing off her long well-defined legs that she's been working on at the Equinox gym because she is a woman. Manolo Blahniks and Jimmy Choos are stacked in her closet. She has a pair matching her office attires. Each of them builds on her femininity… to some extent it can be equivalent to a work of Picasso with every color vividly coming on to the canvas… oh lets not forget that she occasionally wears red nail polish and drinks Liche Martinis!

She often travels to Paris on the weekends. She stays at the chic and moderately expensive, yet non-superficial hotels. She thrives on excellence! Yes, she has a self-imposed policy of minimum 8 weeks vacation a year. She spends her summer times in peace and quiet. She visits exotic and new places. Yes, she is worldly! She does it alone; she enjoys her own company. After all, she's made it on her own and proud of it!

She seldom goes to brunch on a Sunday afternoon at Pastis with her gay male companion to converse about the latest fashion trends, restaurants, and of course men… men… men — that which makes her complete. Yes, she is emotionally content, financially secure, yet incomplete. She is incomplete without a man in her life, and she does NOT believe in any of the following clichés:

(1) We don't need men because we are independent, financially secure, and professionally content. False, women innately yearn to be taken care of by men, even financially.

(2) We don't need men because we are strong, emotionally independent and socially complete. False, not only she wants a man but she NEEDS one. A Woman would resemble a dying flower without the touch of a man who adores her. She wouldn't be a woman if she didn't have a man who appreciated her beauty, complemented her ways, and shared her success.

(3) We can have kids on our own; there is always the option of invetro, choice of adoption, and etc. – False, false, false. She wants to have a family the conventional way. She wouldn't be able to raise kids without the help of her man. She needs him to help her teach her kids the principles of honesty, ethics, sharing, loving, and caring. In addition, she is aware of the fact, that a child needs a mother and a father-not a mother and a sperm donor.

I guess the rest would be continued as the fine wine ages…

* *

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