The optimism of No-Rooz

Indeed, whence in spring do so many colorful designs appear? No one knows.
Wisdom is mystified that out of the dark dirt a pure and happy flower grows


Once again, I open my window to let the No-Rooz air rush in along with memories of a lifetime. Although for sometime neither my feasts have felt like a feast nor my new years proven so new, I can't deny the magic of spring. A magic that, regardless of a thousand broken promises, still makes me believe in the pledge for a better tomorrow. For years No-Rooz has brought me its shallow promises and false hopes, but I keep telling myself that this year will be different and perhaps this spring will be true to its word. I push the sorrows aside and prepare to greet No-Rooz.

A few days ago, I had to go on a short trip. Along the way, I was astounded by the green mountainsides and the colorful wild flowers on the prairies. It was as if by magic the dry desert had transformed into paradise. Southern California, which in the absence of rain is nothing but arid land, has all of a sudden become a green meadow that reminds me of the shores of the Caspian. I could not fathom how the seeds of so many flowers could survive for years, waiting for rain.

I remembered a similar incident reported a few years ago in Australia. After an unexpected rainy season, the planes that flew over the arid lands saw miles of wild flowers. When the photographs of that breathtaking view were published, the secret of nature's survival amazed the world.

Now I was looking at that same phenomenon. I reduced my speed and for the first time enjoyed Highway 5.

To see such resilience in flowers, reminded me of the young generation of Iranians: Millions of beautiful blossoms who await better conditions to bloom, seeds waiting for rain, a bright day awaiting the sunrise. In my mind's eyes I saw the day they would bloom and how it would baffle the world. In my imagination, I replaced the girls' dark veils with a tiara of pride and in place of dark beards the successful young men wore bright smiles. Then I prayed so hard for them, I had no doubt God heard me!

Once more we feel the spring fever, once more we follow the old tradition to see the good omen in the vernal equinox, and yes, once more we ask God for a better tomorrow. We open our windows to another spring and, though for just one day, banish all sadness from our hearts.

No matter where we are or how we celebrate the day, at that optimistic moment of “tahveel”, our hearts will be together. For that one moment, the distances will disappear, sorrows will be forgotten and broken bonds will find new strength. And, we know that in one of the many remaining tomorrows, blossoms of joy shall bloom in the dormant dessert of our hearts

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