Death Squad Democracy?

March 5th was the 38th anniversary of Time magazine's 1951 Man of the Year, Dr. Mohammad Mossadegh. He was a symbol of the rule of law and democracy who died under house arrest by design of the “good” Americans.

Under Mossadegh's rule, Iran became a blossoming civil society with an elected government, freedom of the press, and thriving political parties. Mossadegh was a man of peace who would have had a far greater impact in world politics than Mahatma Gandhi or Nelson Mandela.

Basic to his belief was an understanding that political freedom, national liberation, and civil society cannot materialize without national control over economic resources. Democracy and national independence are meaningless without economic independence. He confronted British Imperialism under the rubric of international laws and won. During a time when the imperial powers were on the run, there was a balance of terror in the United Nations, and there was an independent International Court at the Hague, where Mossadegh won the right to nationalize Iran's oil.

In 1953, with the blessing of corrupt mullahs, the CIA instigated gangs of thugs to back a military coup that overthrew the legitimate and democratically elected government of Mossadegh.

For the next quarter of a century, the US superimposed Mohammad Reza Shah's regime. The Americans crushed a thriving democracy and oulawed opposition parties. All forms of political dissent were suppressed by the dreaded SAVAK — Iran's secret service trained by the CIA. The purge of progressive nationalists, massacre of opposition forces, and cold-blooded murder of patriots by firing squads, achieved unprecedented political docility that lasted 25 years.

Over the years, the Shah's regime became more benevolent as Iran prospered and was declared an “island of stability” by President Jimmy Carter. With a subservient mullah force on his payroll, the social structure became secularized and Iranians marched towards modernization.

The Shah was oblivious to the fact that his Imperial Masters knew of his terminal illness and had decided to replace him with their sleeper-cell mullahs who would use Islam to maintain their anti-communist ideology and contain the expansionist desiures of the Soviet Union. After all, organizing, arming, and financing the Mujahedin and their al Qaida alliesbrought excellent results in Afghanistan.

General Huyser's mission in Iran was to neutralize any patriotic resistance by Shah's generals, systematically dismantle the Shah's intelligence services, halt any defensive measures from the ruling elite for self preservation and deliver Iran with minimum costs to the CIA's old Mullah allies. All of these activities were done under the guise of the “Islamic Revolution.”

The CIA invented the “Islamic Revolution” and Ramsey Clark sold it to the world. In the end, an anti-communist Islamic state was successfully implanted in under the belly of Russia. It seems that Carter was double crossed by his Neocon Intelligence and lost the election because of a fabricated hostage crisis. To conceal their complicity, Huyser's mission was pronounced a failure.

It is not surprising that American hostages were released on Reagan's inauguration day as a show of gratitude to the CIA's help in installing a brutal regressive regime of Mullahs. These Mullahs were alien to the Persian urbanites. They had nothing in common with revolutionary Islam espoused by Ali Shariati, who had denounced Mullahs as reactionary parasites living off an oppressive tyrannical government.

Murderous thugs and political opportunists took over the politics. Millions of Iranians were forced to flee their country and Iran became an Islamic Republic. Twenty-five years had passed. Oliver North's buddy, from the infamous Iran-contra saga, Rafsanjani has billions of dollars stashed in Canada, United States and Australia and runs the country by proxy.

It is unfortunate that the United States is demanding a regime change and preparing to do anything to cause turmoil in Iran. Not withstanding that Rafsanjani, his thugs, and other religious zealots, who have thrived on brutality and murder, have done everything in their power to privatize and offer guarantees to foreign Global Corporations. That is not enough.

The Neo-Cons' proponent of the 'rollback' Reagan Doctrine that was supplemented by “Project for the New American Century” is now espousing “Death Squad” Democracies. Under the assumption of this new imperial theory, Iran must give 100 percent control of its resources and imports to foreign corporations and implement a “democratic” government based on a so-called democratic election.

It does not matter how the votes are counted, it does not matter if major candidates are assassinated, and it does not matter if 50 percent of the population does not participate. As long as an election takes place and the public can show the world their inked fingers, everything is fine.

The US Empire now operates on fascist principals of pre-emptive strikes, blackmail and death squads. The modus operandi of the new Imperial power is the use of propaganda and the violation of every rule of international law to achieve its dominance. They would commit any crime while declaring themselves liberators. They would claim that they are helping freedom fighters, and like Wolfowitz espouse any “Tootie Fruity Revolution in the Middle East”

What the Bush administration has got for Iran is air strikes, the disruption of the fabric of social life of Iranians, and a regime change. These changes would be successful on all grounds with a helping hand from Ariel Sharon. Unlike Iraq's patriot leaders who stood their ground and did not have a major opposition outside, Iranian leaders, like Rafsanjani, would run to Canada for their own survival and the protection of their investments.

In addition there are millions of American and British Iranian who, like Chalabi and Alawi, would go and murder their own people. U.S also has a great number of traitors, terrorists and saboteurs called the Mujahedin Rapid Occupation Force who are ready and trained to spear head the establishments of Death Squads in Iran.

On this anniversary of Mossadegh's death, it is idealistic to espouse dialogue, yet every sign points towards a regime change in Iran. The time of the Iranian government is over. It was an alien entity imposed on Iran in the name of Islam that has brought nothing but corruption, prostitution and destitution. Iran must rapidly open itself to modern political and social ideas in order to discourage any US instigated uprising from its restless population.

The CIA and Special Ops officers are actively in contact with known thugs and the lumpen proletariat, who a generation ago rioted against Mossadegh for $5 each. Unlike the Mossadegh era, there are hundreds of thousands of educated “hyphenated Iranians” who would become proxies for an American intervention.

Now is the time to act. Presently, the Iranian government is made up mostly of people who share tradition, culture and feeling towards the oppressed masses. This government would be a far better evil than the evil leaders America could export to Iran.

Iran must do anything to boost its air defence and stick to its guns about the development of Atomic arsenal. Even a declaration of having one would be a deterrent. After all, the non-proliferation treaty was based on the principle that those who have the WMD would be dismantling it. Since that has not happened and since Israel has a large arsenal of atomic weapons, Iran is justified to develop any weapon for its self-defence.

U.S. interference in Iran is a reality. The Iranian government must realize and act now to neutralize it or Iran might join the other burned and devastated lands of Middle East with a “democratically” elected puppet government who will destroy it for the next 25 years. Having seen the atrocities that the Americans committed in Fallujah, I suspect that is what coming up for Iran and the rest of the Middle East.

What destroyed Mossadegh was his indecisiveness and reliance on diplomacy. Rather than arming every patriot to defend their motherland, he naively relied on “good” Americans. The in-fighting must be stopped and young revolutionaries like Abdi, Salam newspaper editor, must be released from jail.

Unity not division, compromise rather than animosity should become the rule of the game amongst brothers. It is crystal clear that the “ugly” Americans have more than one million uglier opportunist “Persian-Americans” of every kind and creed who would take pleasure in destroying Iran in order to save it from Mullahs. Some would go so far as paying Americans to play Allawi's role in Iran, and go “Mullah hunting” instead.

A decisive action, a call to arms and a declaration of a state of national emergency, reinforced by an “election” which permits a minimum permissiveness might be a great deterrent to Wolfowitz's “Hejab Revolution” in Iran. Foreigners of any kind — even the hyphenated expatriates — should not be permitted to return and establish a Death Squad Democracy in Iran. Indecision is the mother of all evils and whatever decision the Iranian leadership makes now would affect Iran's destiny.

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