Frankly, here’s the problem

In the past few weeks I have being browsing Iranian Internet sites and they all talk about the incoming presidential election in Iran and who are going to be the likely candidate. As an Iranian and someone who has followed the Iranian politics for a long time I can not see any distinction amongst all these candidates; they are all mullahs or support mullahs, so they are corrupt and money/power greedy.

But who cares about me? I know many of my fellow country men and women will go to vote. Therefore I would like these candidates to be clearer on certain issues and subjects that concerns millions of Iranians and try to explain these issues in frank and honest way.

* First, I would like them to explain how they are going to create millions of jobs and decrease the growing inflation.

* Second, I would like them to explain why they are selling our natural resources in its rawest form and then buy it's by products from the same countries they sell to at high prices.

* Third I would like them to explain how they combat the corruption and mismanagement that has infested the Iranian society from government sector to the private sector.

* Fourth I would like them to explain to me and millions of Iranian parents how the government will combat drug addiction and drug abuse amongst our beloved young people and the futures of Iran.

* Fifth I would like the candidates to explain what are they are going to do about the increasing brain drain of our brightest to other countries.

* Sixth and the final point I want the candidates to elaborate to the Iranian nation who and how are they going to answer millions of parents, son and daughters, brothers and sisters about the mass killings, tortures and rapes carried out by this regime.

Unemployment and inflation has hit every homes and families in Iran. Most young people have no hopes, because they know after they graduate the only job they will have is to drive their father's car and shuttle people from one street to another. The unemployment issue in Iran is so huge that the government in order to combat it must generate over 100,000 jobs every year.

The funny thing here is the fact that unemployment is high at the same time inflation is growing in Iran at the rate that is unbelievable. Have you ever asked someone you know that rents an apartment how much they pay for rent? Oh believe me you don't want to know. For an average Iranian to leave in Tehran is impossible given the unemployment and the high inflation. So, I would like to know from our beloved candidates how are they going to combat this issue.

Every day I hear in the Iranian news papers that Iran has signed a deal with another country to export's Iran natural resources. For example Iran signed a deal with Kuwait to export 10 billion cubic meter of gas to that country. I started to wonder how these deals are made and at whose cost. I am sure most of you are aware about the southern gas fields which Iran's hares with Qatar. In that agreement Iran is being totally screwed. Recent statistics clearly shows that Qatar has being exploiting those fields and have extracted ten times than allowed gas exploration on those fields.

One interesting note is the fact that the French oil giant Total is actually being contracted to do the job both for the Qatari's and Iranian. So far the French oil giant has favored the Qatari's in exploiting our gas fields. The thing to watch here is how our government makes deals without the knowledge of public sector. The government's covert engagement in business deals that involves our natural resources has being for long very interesting to me.

For example we export fresh water to our neighbors while some of our cities have water shortages. The government also exports oil and gas while many people in major Iranian cities including the capital are living in horrendous cold winter conditions because they can not afford the heating fuel. Now as an Iranian don't you wonder what is happening to your natural resources and why our people are not getting any piece of this pie?

I also wonder where all that money goes. I mean look at it the current fiscal budget presented by Mr. Khatami for the whole nation is ridiculous. And from that budget over $200 million dollar is given to the terrorist organizations such as Hezbollah. I am asking the candidates to please help me to figure this out because I really have a hard time understanding the way the country functions and manages it resources and the revenues generated from these resources.

On the issue on corruption and mismanagement I really have nothing to say because the candidates I fully aware of the situation. The country is being hit by this disease in an epidemic proportion. And if the government is not going to do anything about it the country will eventually collapse. Along with corruption comes mismanagement of our resources, and all governmental institutions. Iran spends more money on government sector than any of its neighboring countries. And it is mostly because of poor management and of course corruption. So my question to the candidates is what are you going to do about this, so that my country would not collapse?

Oh my god the topic of drug abuse and drug addiction gives me chills. The thing is you might think that is funny and hey you will say oh man I have smoked grass once or twice and nothing has happened. My respond to you is that these young people are smoking hashish and opium which is not costly at all and you can find in every street corner in the Iranian capital. Almost one out of ten young people in Iran is exposed to these drugs. Addiction is destroying the roots and foundation of our country, our economy and is destroying families. I would like to ask the candidates what you are going to do about this important issue.

Brain drain or what I refer to as future killer or nation killer has affected our country for sometime. This issue is very much related to the previous issues, unemployment and corruption/mismanagement. The country is not capable to produce the high quality jobs needed for these young people.

The other reason is the fact that the country has not invested in research and development sector for almost over 20 years. The fact the matter is at the rate we are going there will be no progress and the country will never be prosperous as it desires to be. I would like the candidates to explain tom me and others what plans of action they would implement which would stop brain drain?

As far as the last point I would like to stop here and ask all of you who are reading this article to sit back and give a five minute silence in the memory and the honor of all those who have died for the freedom and liberty of our country. The candidates must explain these issues to all the Iranian people and provide an apology from the senior clerics to the Iranian nation for the pain and sorrow they have brought upon us.

In conclusion, there are many other issues that I want these candidates to explain for example, the issue of building earth quake proof houses in Iranian villages and cities in order to prevent the killing of innocent people with a slim tremor. But the above points are the main issues that most Iranians are currently concerned with and would like to know more about it. The candidates must be open and honest in their campaign and must provide facts and statistics.

And I hope they stop using Koran as a source of campaign tool. Believe me, 90% of Iranians will not fall for religious BS anymore. The candidates must prove to the Iranian nation that they care and will do something for the good of the people and the country. Believe me, no matter how hard they try, I will not fall for. But remember: who cares about me?

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