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Listening to Sattar's songs remind me of a day in March 1976 when many college students were on board a train heading to Khorramshr for spring break. Sattar and his band were on the train with us. The perfect weather and knowing that the New Year was arriving in a few days, filled my heart with joy. I felt a sense of complete happiness. I then looked at Sattar in his brown denim pant-suit standing two feet away and wondered whether our lives will always be filled with sunshine. In his “Masti” album, Sattar shows his skills at singing the style known as Bazmi and for me he truly delivers. — Azam Nemati

Album: Golhaaye Ghorbat 5

Namaaz Eshgh

Album: “Masti

1 Masti
2 Tekraar
3 Khoshgeleh
4 Ghoghaa-ye Setaaregaan
5 Man Az Rooz-e Aazal (duet with Elaheh)
6 Delam Tang Oomad
7 Boo-ye Khish-e Toe (duet with Elaheh)
8 Naghsh-e Man Cheraa
9 Sedaa-ye Baaroon


Sattar's “Iran Iran” album was realeased in 1981. The title song was the ultimate expression of how all of us “dislocated people” felt. For Sattar's fans, the rest of the album is worth listening to as well. The CD was produced by Taraneh Enterprises in 1994.

Album: “Iran Iran

* Iran Iran
* Beegaanegee
* Beenazeer
* Sepid o Siaah
* Maraa talab
* Motreb
* Gol-e Naaz
* Maa ro baash
* Ravaayat


Selections from Sattar's “Setaareh baazi” CD (March 2002). All songs written by Farid Zoland & Ardalan Sarfaraz. Lyrics by Homa Mirafshar.

Album: “Setaareh Baazi

* Setaareh baazi
* Rafti o namaandi
* Panjereh
* Farib
* Shab

* *

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