Wake up!

I STILL AM NOT GOING TO VOTE because as far as I am concerned NOTHING HAS CHANGED. Ahmadinejad, Rafsanjani, or even Jesus Christ won’t have any power as president under the constitution of the Islamic Republic. Weren’t Bazargan, Banisadr and Khatami not enough of a lesson, that the president is a nobody in the Islamic Republic compared to the Supreme Leader, Vali-e Faghih, Ayatollah Godfather, Ali Khamenei?

It is so sad that some of those people, who boycotted the election, now are doing a flip-flop and encouraging people to vote for Rafsanjani. What did you expect? A boycott would make Moin president? Was he your hope? The man who said if people don’t vote, we will have a religious dictatorship, as if what we have is something else?

Did you want to have your cake and eat it too? Did you have a plan after the boycott? Do you really think Rafsanjani gives a damn about the people? Has he in the past 26 years? Hasn’t he been in power since day ONE, from senior advisor to Khomeini, to head of parliament, two presidential terms, head of Assembly of Experts and so on — one post after another? He has filled his and his family member’s pocket with the people’s wealth. Isn’t he also partially responsible for the million people killed when he insisted on prolonging the Iran-Iraq war? You want me to vote for him, because you are afraid of that monkey Ahmadinejad?

You are scaring people of religious Fascism?! HELLLO?!!! We have had religious fascism for 26 years already. WAKE UP! Ah, yes, but Ahmadinejad is not going to let women show their hair and do make up and wear colorful clothes … Is that it? He is going to close even more newspapers? Are you happy with the little meat that they throw your way once in a while and then they take it away whenever they want?

You are the same ones who were inviting people to vote for Khatami. What did we get? More prostitution. More political prisoners. More addiction. More unemployment. More national theft. More and more… what? Ah sorry, I forgot … Today you can play music, hold a party at home by paying off a local Pasdar, and maybe even offer him some homemade aragh. Today you can bribe a few people and get things done. This is what we got from Khatami.

… Sorry I forgot to mention the relative freedoms that were gained and you pro-reformists are so proud of (azadiaheyeh nesbi). I am not impressed. We have come a long way and we will not settle for chewed up meat they throw occasionally to shut you up. Freedom is what all Iranian freedom fighters gave their life for.

Don’t you get it yet? For every elected office there's a shadow office that controls real power. Don’t you see that SINCE DAY ONE, you have been telling us to defend Bazargan, Banisadr, Rafsanjani, Khatami, this, that … while those who truly are in power have been laughing at every one of us. UNTIL WHEN? WAKE UP!

Ah yes… you want to work within the Islamic constitution, to make changes from within. Do you REALLY think this bunch will hand over power to the people? HAVE THEY EVER in history? Maybe you just want me to vote for Rafsanjani because Ahamdinejad is the uglier of the two; because he is more of a fascist. I have news for you: If the Supreme Leader wants Ahmdinejad, he can make him president even without the made-up votes.

Read the news of all the international news agencies. The voting places, the streets were quiet and all of a sudden millions of votes came out of boxes. Read the candidates' own letters and complains to each other. Do you really think your votes make a difference? You really believe in the 63% vote? Same number that RAHABR had predicated? Wow he really does have connection with the guy upstairs.

No! I will continue to stand with Ganji, Ebadi, Iranian students, political prisoners and all of those who know the difference between true freedom and democracy.

No! I won’t vote.

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