Beginning of the end

Dr. Ahmadi-Nejad’s win tops the list of Iranian celebrations and national holidays. It should be up there with the 2500th anniversary celebrations, or the ’53 coup, or even the victory of the ’79 revolution. Nothing should be more joyous for the Iranian people inside and outside of Iran that this fine Dr. taking the helm of our country at this very momentous time in our aged but fragile history. Who better than the good Dr. could lead us into the future?

No one can predict the future but I think we have the right ammo to go to war with it. Iran needed some one who would be a visionary and could take it to places where it had never been to and we got that in the person of the good Dr. The future of that great land is more important than the needs and desires of any one individual or group; therefore the leadership of the Dr. could benefit Iran.

The Iranian people have spoken, their votes have been hand counted and recounted and the end result is a direct humiliation for the long-time credible revolutionary, Ayatollah Hashemi Rafsanjani. He has proven to the people that his zeal for the revolutionary ideals and wealth amassing qualities are not enough and the good people of Iran are weary of the same old propagandas and tired expressions.

Iran is ready to turn the leaf on a new chapter and the Dr. has showed up at the right moment in the annals of history to take the helm of this broken chariot and propel it into the dusty road of the future. The Republic needed to re-invent itself, it needed to reshape its ideals and present it through a new face and a new voice. It was able to find that in the good timing of the Dr.

Nothing I have said in the above paragraph would lead you to believe in any one ideal or another, until now, and that is the problem with the farce and travesty of the Islamic Republic. You could never tell what direction the system is moving towards.

I am happy for the victory of the Dr. because I believe it is the beginning of the end of a quarter century of tyranny and mayhem in Iran. Iranians have been cheated out of their rightful place in the history of mankind far too many times to let this golden opportunity slip by again.

The terrorist regime of the Islamic Republic has finally turned the last chapter on its existence. It is now up to the good people of the land of Cyrus to finish writing this chapter. Certainly the prospect would be the good people of the Land of George Washington finishing it for us. The choice should be clear, although the end result is the same.

I will go as far as predicting (anathema to my own warning above) that it is the beginning of the end of Islam in Iran. Deep in their hearts no Iranian has ever believed in Islam, an import of the Arab hoard into our Nation. It has no record of showing any significance in the history of Persia. What was achieved in its name was the sweat and tears of the Iranians themselves, in spite of religion or politics. Mohammad and his army might have brought Islam into Iran, but rest assured the good Dr. and the faqihs will ride out with it.

Mahmoud Ghaffari is the aircraft broadband communication project manager for Boeing and is an Adjunct professor of Network communication and computer science and Devry and National Universities.

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