Brazilian bait

It was sometimes that I hadnt seen one of my priced customers in London, to be exact 3 month to the date, I had a contract with his company for engineering services and I was anxious to see him but all my secretary calls to his office were in vain, and the answers were always the same that he was away on holiday.

I awaited his call, until one sunny afternoon he walked into my office on crouches, I stood up to help him but he found his way to the nearest couch and rested his body into it, I had a thousand questions to ask but was more concerned about his health, he asked for a cup of coffee that was readily available and started to tell me of an amazing tale that made me forget all about work and our mutual business involvement.

He started by pointing to his lame leg and advising me not to do what he had done which had costed him his fortune, his health and his family and cintinued:

It was some times that I was mesmorised by those beautiful Brazilian girls who paraded their heavenly bodies on the beaches of Rio do Janeiro and being a human I had decided that I must embark on a trip to the city and taste what was on offer in Rio, being married with 3 children I made the excuse of going on a business trip to Brazil for a week and promised to bring back some worthy presents for the family.

On the set date I flew with British Airways and found my way to a 5 star hotel overlooking the beach and having rested for a night I dressed like the Hollywood film directors and found myself walking on the beach along side all those beautiful ladies that I had seen snap shots of them back in London.

I hadnt covered more than 100 yards of the beach that I was approached by two beautiful dark haired tall ladies in bikinis asking me whether I wanted to spend sometimes with them, it seemed like a dream,in such a short space of time my dreams were coming out of age and into reality, I nodded in a shy manner and one of the girls put her hand round my waist and asked me to walk them to my place of residence and without hesitation I acknowledged their request and in a few minutes we were in my suite at the hotel, they asked for a drink and I opened the mini bar in the room and started to have a drinking session with them.

At that point I realised that my head was spinning and fell flat on the bed, when I woke up I felt a sharp pain in my back and the room was in darkness with one side lamp left switched on, what concerned me most was the pain and any movement resulted in sharpness of the pain, I pushed my hand below the bed cover to touch my back to find a wetness under the cover, pulled my hand out to find that my hand was covered in blood, naturally I panicked and reached for the phone by the side of the bed and lifted the receiver to contact the front desk of the hotel for assistance, in a few moments the staff arrived at my door and following a few knocks on the door they opened the door using their key and entered, having observed my condition they called for the emergencies who promptly arrived and transfered me to the hospital.

Following intial examination of my back the doctor announced that a crude surgery was carried out on me and the results of the X ray confirmed that one of my kidneys was missing, I was rushed into operating theatre and some work was carried out on me including a medically correct stitching and I was carried out to a ward for observation and recovery, meantime the matter was reported to the Police, who following a friendly interrogation at my bedside informed me that the two ladies were the baits and I had walked into a trap laid by a gang who remove kidneys from people like me for sale to needy organistions who sell them on for large profits, to avoid involving themsleves into murders they only remove one kidney.

The operation apprently involved good looking women as bait, a medically informed male or female who awaited outside the hotels for their colleagues to put the victim to sleep by mixing their drinks with drugs and once unconscious they would call their surgeon colleague up into the room who then carries out the operation in the comfort of the victim's room, being a foreign national the police informed the British embassy and the embassy informed my next of kin being my wife in London, having spent a period of 10 days in hospital I was transfered to a hospital in London and my family were informed of my transfer, during a week of stay I had a visit from my wife who spent 5 minutes in my room wishing me well and that I was to expect a letter from her lawyers.

It is now some 3 month passed, my wife does not believe that I was not invloved in any sexual intercourse while in Brazil, she has barred me from my estate where she lives with my small children and has frozen all my assets pending divorce proceedings.

Having finished with this amazing story his lips became silent and his eyes took over talking to me, but there was nothing that I had to ask him or say to him behind a wall of silence, but before long I broke the silence and said… would you like another cup of coffee!

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