Beer with a bang

The bartender looked at her for a while, then without saying another word he opened up a can and poured it in a glass. The dark beer filled half of the glass; the rest of it was foam. Tina took the glass in her hand, and drank it in one long swallow. She put it back on the counter with a bang. This is for the friends I left behind.

Tina got back to her apartment an hour later all alone. She took a pen and paper and started writing home:

My dearest Tara,

Today was my first day in Canada. I wish you were here as well. We would have had so much fun. I went to a bar, very cool. The bartender looked like Tom Cruise in cocktail. You would have liked him; he was very jeegar. I had a mug of beer. It was called root beer. It tastes great; you can’t even believe there is much alcohol in it.

Tina looked out of the window. Inside its little frame was Capricorn, half goat half fish, swimming in the dark black sky. The dark sky was the same velvet navy color as the one she had stared at for so many nights back home.

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