* Lahzehaaye Akhar (1974)
Thanks to Milad Sfandiary


Sousan was truly loved as a people's singer. She rose to fame overnight and her songs were all beautiful. She was humble and kind. I have fond memories which took place in two different times and lands.

The first time I saw her on stage, I was a freshman in Iran and enjoyed her unique voice, as well as witty and charming personality. The guests at the club really enjoyed her performance that night.

Then a few years ago in the U.S. we were fortunate to have her among us in an intimate concert. She was witty and sweet as always. “Zavaar” is her last album and her voice brings back memories of simpler and more innocent times. May she rest in eternal peace. — Azam Nemati

Songs from “Zavaar

* Zavaar
* Del
* Donyaa-ye Ghashang
* Del Nadaareh Gonaahi
* Raaz-e Del
* Negaah
* Nagoo Khodahafez
* NaAftaabee
* Yaadet Miaad


A song in memory of Sousan,
who passed away on May 3, 2004.
Thanks to Behrad

* Jaameh Delam
* Sepid o Siaah

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Around 1970, Sousan captured the heart of the masses by her famous song “Doosset Daaram”. Everyone knew the words to it. I was fortunate to get the album as a birthday present from a wonderful Iranian. It has all her famous old songs and listening to it is a great trip down memory lane. — Azam Nemati

Tracks from “Dooset Daaram” album:

1. Doosset Daaram
2. Khodam Kardam keh Lanat bar Khodam Baad
3. Aakh be Delam
4. Allegolang vah teesheh
5. Angoshtar
6. Kolaah Makhmali
7. Dokhtar Deevooneh
8. Baman Nagoo
9. Goli Becheeno Borro
10. Khodaa Negahdaar

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