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Kaveh Afrasiabi

Will The Storm Pass?

What heat! The days have run the high tide hour. I lay myself wrapped in blanket, My window half forbids the summer wrath. When night

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Look of love

Why don't you smile, darling, as you pass Him on the sidewalk? Each face you see is His face. Don't look away. Who could help

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My own grandpa

Now many, many years ago, when I was twenty-three, I got married to a widder(*) who was pretty as can be; This widder had a

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Everywhere all the time

A couple of weeks ago I was lounging in a theater, eagerly awaiting the start of the movie when I found myself a captive audience

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Peaceful dialogue

The Muslim world's negative perception of America has been a consistent challenge for the US foreign policy since the invasion of Afghanistan in October 2001

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Thus speaks Zarathustra

Standing by Cyrus’ resting place We cannot deem ourselves as slaves. The champion of human rights The Lord’s anointed bids us rise And reclaim our

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Shoja Adel, Fallen

How many more must we lose? Asked the mother He was bringing sunshine in the room He was able to turn a bad day to

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They love us to death

Western/Northern/First World academics love us to death, Lots of them love us only dead; So they can dissect us to study our trends, To cut

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Poetry that is life

The themes of the classic poet Had nothing to do with life. In the barren space of his imagination He conversed with none save his

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Arash Daneshzadeh

Of loss

Give me the tongues of those silenced necks hanging like fruit Refusing to layer cakes of melted flesh with the saved faces of friends Softened

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