Safe & sound

This letter is written to clarify some of the misunderstandings that have arisen from the building of the Sivand dam in general proximity to the

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Ben Bagheri


I went to Iran late July and spent a couple of weeks, mainly in Tehran and a couple of days in the birthplace of my

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Serious drama

Without a doubt, a scholarly study of this importance to an understanding of Islamic drama is long overdue, and Professor Malekpour effectively positions Ta’ziyeh within

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A hospital story

The hospital is a funny, paradoxical place. Within its confined walls, mothers give birth; the dying take their departure there. It is a place for

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Sharm Aavar

This is PERSIAN. My real name is Benyamin Asadipour-Farsani, however im called PERSIAN by my friends and prefere it in the music business. I was

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Not expendable

Having vast financial resources and budget surpluses of all kind, Iran does not need any money to pay archeologists like these two gentlemen to dig

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