Cyrus can rest in peace

The preparation of the World Heritage file required a thorough examination of potential dangers in the area, and more specifically the construction of the new dam in the Bulaqi gorge.

Moreover, rescue excavations carried out by international teams have been going on in the gorge since two years in order to record every single ancient remain in the gorge including parts of an ancient royal road, which are going to be disappear after the flooding of the dam.

These investigations have shown that the limits of the lake behind the dam at its largest reach would be 7 kilometers to south of the plain of Murqab that is 9 kilometers from the Tomb of Cyrus. The distance from Persepolis located ten times farther, more than 70 kilometers to the dam, will be entirely safe.

Therefore, the idea of Pasargadae being drowned by the waters of the lake behind the dam is absurd. It should be, however, noticed that the presence of a lake in the region may have some climatic impact such as an increase of humidity on adjacent areas including the plain of Murqab.

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