Say yes and rule

Say yes and rule
Make world fool
Do whatever you want
You're hero and gallant

For you no rule
You're a friend cool
You keep the atom bomb
Let others be human bomb

You invade, destroy other nations
Protect we, you in every condition
Others if reacted label we terrorists
With UN resolutions and the jurists

This is the story of our world
That is run by some coward?

Look here or there
Crises, cries everywhere
The mayhem and carnage
Refugees, widows, orphanage

Either heroes or terrorists
Engaged in some conflict
Killing how innocents
And making militants

Dividing East and West
For their vested interest
In the wrong campaign
For their rule and reign

In the name of democracy
Or weapons supremacy
How they destruct nations
And to keep them down

Says if anybody no
Seeds of destruction he sows
See Iraq or Afghanistan
Or Syria and the Iran

Says who yes
That's the boss
See Egypt or the Libya
And their ruling criteria

No body is but there
To tell them or dare

Why don't they give-up their arms?
Before saying others to disarm
Treat why others they irresponsible
And only themselves as responsible

Dr. M. Ashaq Raza
Assistant Professor of Biology (& UNV- online volunteer)
P.O.Box. 7878, Asmara, Eritrea

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