Latin Persian

More and more Iranians are using the Internet these days. There are sophisticated computer software tools around which enable us to write in Persian on most computers and send Persian e-mails. Although it’s becoming easier and easier to use these tools, their use amongst Persians (Iranians) is not yet universal.

For the majority it is still easier and more practical to use Latin as the medium to write Persian computer messages. For the purpose of consistency and better communication between fellow Persian speakers, I suggest the following convention for writing Persian using the Latin alphabet.

This document is probably not the first of its kind; it is also not yet comprehensive. It does not attempt to teach the Persian or English grammar and simply refers to some of the rules. The examples given are biased towards the Persian which is spoken in Iran. It is however applicable to Persian spoken in Afghanistan, Tajikistan and elsewhere.

“The aim of any transliteration is to map one script into another script. It should be loss less such that the reader is able to reconstruct the original spelling of unknown transliterated words.” This is the main aim of the convention >>> Full text

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