Reason on the attack

Islam is not only a religion, but in actuality is a social order, a strict, disciplinary social order guiding and controlling all actions, behaviours, and

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Serious thoughts must have gone into the selection of a Persian word that has enough power to unload a ton of weight on one’s heart.

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For the love of P

To be able to stand in the public square for any extended period of time and express oneself requires that one be poust-koloft (thick-skinned) and

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Jahanshah Javid

Less gas, less blood

In recent months the number of Toyota Prius hybrid cars in my Albany/Berkeley neighborhood in the San Francisco East Bay has skyrocketed. They're everywhere, suddenly.

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Na Koja-abad

For me (and probably for most other people in the “West”), Iraq is distant and inaccessible enough to qualify as a “never-never-land”: a kind of

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