Wiping democracy off the map

Islamic republic has got twenty seven years of history behind it, starting with the slogan “Freedom”. What the ordinary Iranian people thought of that was democracy and human rights. But what the leaders of Islamic Republic really meant was freedom for themselves to destroy our country first and then export this so-called revolution to the Islamic world and  in order to destroy the entire Western civilization and replacing it with Islamic fanatic ideas.  

But the success of the Iranian theocracy even in Iran is out of the question. We live in the twenty-first century, in the age time of information explosion… nobody takes Iranian leaders seriously and if they are still in power it is because of their brutality — and the support of some European countries which preferred to have trade relations with dictators in order to fulfill their own national interests with petro dollars, just as they did with Saddam Hussein in Iraq.

The recent presidential election showed the other face of Iran's criminal regime. For the first time in the life of the Islamic Republic, virtually every organ and institution of power, electable or otherwise, has been handed over to the complete control of the conservatives. It would appear on the surface that political power is now homogeneous and concentrated at the apex of the regime, in the hands of its Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

However, there is evidence that the coup was carried out behind the curtains of the elections and was not just directed against so-called reformists, or the leading candidate Hashemi Rafsanjani, but against the majority of the existing forces in the ruling oligarchy.

Moreover, by choosing Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, an extremist counter-intelligence officer in the Revolutionary Guards, with a history of involvement in terrorism and murder, even attendance at international gatherings has become more problematic than ever before. In particular with the nuclear weapons issue, the U.S. and Israel are in a better position to incite international public opinion against the Islamic Republic. Now, any judge or attorney anywhere can try their hand at prosecuting the most senior members of the Iranian government.

What is the real reason behind the Islamic republic's conflict with United States and its allies, including Israel? Ayatollah Khomeini the first leader of Islamic republic in 1979 was the first one who said Israel must be wiped off the map. Later Ali Akbar Rafsanjani used this phrase, that just one nuclear bomb can destroy the entire state of Israel. And now President Ahmadinejad is putting his foot in that direction, even including the destruction of the U.S. to his ridiculous dreams!

No matter what they say, the State of Israel is the only democratic country in the entire Middle East. Israel does not violate the human rights of its citizens, holds free election, respects freedom of speech, and all other real democratic values. That is the reason that Islamic Republic and all the other dictatorships in the Middle East can not tolerate it: They do not want the only democracy in the region to be in existence.

Also the United States and its allies have reached this point that in order to fight International terrorism, especially after the 9/11, they have to help the democratization of the Middle East, and Islamic Republic is the centre of wide terror network from Afghanistan to Lebanon and Syria and Iraq by spending numerous resources, financially and logistically, without leaving any traceable evidence. That is why the Islamic Republic is after destroying and wiping out these countries, because they are the real enemy of this theocratic and fanatic regime.

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