* What I Wanna Do
(Shohreh… You Lookin So Cute)
A song for the girls… ya know… a lil Persian girl lova track…

Whats up world…this is sha meezy..i was born in tehran..and raised in new york..i am a rap music artist..i have been creating music since 1992..i started at 10..and have been on the verge of elevation ever since. I have worked with many the streets and in the industry..i make music for people to relate to and feel, especially for the mental.. I dont have any like in commercial music..i stay away from that genre..but i do represent my people and our people. and the world. through my words and thoughts.

i always looked at my self as picasso in the music industry..i like to paint pictures for the imagination and bring your mind to that place where i the present time im working with my familia from nyc..NGE….and also working with pohectic..from texas..much love to all those who hear it and feel working on my own ent…and era entertainment..if you feel you got the talent, not even just talent. the heart to make it further with your music…leave a comment..let me know whas on ur mind..and much love to those who appreciate it..cause i work hard for this…and everyday to the next….love is love.

* Track 21
* U made me
* Cant change me (remix)
* Hollows
* Not like this (remix)
* Past Signs of things
* What I Wanna Do
(Shohreh… You Lookin So Cute)

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