Crazy call

Chapel Hill Police arrested Mohammed Reza Taheri-azar, 22, minutes after a Jeep hit several students on University of North Carolina's Chapel Hill's campus Friday, March 3. The university released a four-minute recording Monday of the 911 call that followed. Source See .

Caller: Uh, yes, sir, I just hit several people with a vehicle, and, uh…

Dispatcher: OK, you, sir, you just said you hit several people with a vehicle?

Caller: Yes, sir, and right now…

Dispatcher: Sir, tell me where this happened at.

Caller: On campus at The Pit, and right now I'm standing and you can come arrest me.

Dispatcher: Hold on, sir. Sir, listen to me for a minute. What is your name?

Caller: Mohammed Taheri-azar…

Dispatcher: And why did you do this?

Caller: I wrote it all. I explained it in a one-page letter. It's in my bedroom in University Commons apartment D — like David — 34. And I don't have any weapons or anything on me. You can just come and arrest me now….

Dispatcher: Do you know about how many people you hit?

Caller: Maybe, like, 15 people … less … maybe less.

Dispatcher: I understand that you told me that the reason you did this is in your bedroom, but can you tell me why you did this?

Caller: It really is to punish the government of the United States for their actions around the world.

Dispatcher: So you did this to punish the government?

Caller: Yes sir….

Dispatcher: I just want you to put the phone down and I want you to put your hands up so they can see you and they'll know you don't have any weapons, OK?

Caller: OK. I'll put this phone on the hood.

Dispatcher: OK, sir.

Caller: Thanks.

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