Koocheh-Baaghi ghazals

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Thanks to Manoucher Asgharian


* 13 Bedar 1965: Iraj, Shahin and Parto on Radio Iran

This beautiful collection was put together by Dr. Meshginpoosh form his personal tapes recorded from various radio programs decades ago. In this album Iraj's beautiful voice shows his talent as a classical singer. There are moments of pure heaven as you will hear the magical sound of Assadollah Malek's violin and three magnificent tar masters playing solo in their own distinct style. I am grateful to Dr. Meshginpoosh for honoring my request by selecting these beautiful tracks.

1. Golhaayeh Taazeh # 5: “Taa to baa mani”
(With the coorperation of Sima Bina
Songwriter: Javad Maroofi
Violin: Parviz Yahaghi)

2. “Ham-e shab aah-e delam marham-e geesooy-e to bood”
(Avaz-e Maahour, Flute: Emad Ram)

3. “Zaahed-e khalvat neshin
(Zarbi Esfahan)

4. Ghess-e Shama
(Esmail Sarkhosh and Abolgahsem-e Haalat —
The story of making “Yaadegaar” song)

5. Poet Saeb's intro followed by “Gol-e parpar”
(Tar: Jalil Shahnaz)

6. Iraj with Farhange Sharif on Tar

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The legendary Iraj is best known for songs performed for Iranian movies. He has gone back to his roots and the result is great music. I have become his fan since he began signing classical Iranian music. This is his latest album, “Gol-e man” and his flawless voice with the beautiful background music is a real treat.


Pirhan Soorati
Thanks to Behrad


Album: “Gol-e man”
Part 1 & Part 2 contain the following
Chahaar Mezrab
Goleh Man
Jaame Royaaee


Album: “Ghazal Khaan”
Part One (29 minutes) and Part Two (27 minutes)
contain the following:
1. Tasnif Bahar Javidaan
2. Saaz Va Avaaz
3. Tasnif Jodai
4. Tasnif Taraneh Man
5. Tasnif Del Divaaneh
6.Saaz Va Avaaz
7. Tasnif Saaghi


When I purchased Iraj's “In Memory of Fardin” CD and just looking at its cover I knew I would be in for a wonderful surprise. Once I listened, I felt young, romantic, light as air, and so nostalgic, all at the same time.

The beautiful voice of Iraj accompanied by the hypnotic sound of my forever-beloved Assadolaah Malek, in my opinion is a magnificent treasure to appreciate everyday.

This album is to commemorate Fardin (feature+photos), the much beloved actor. We all remember our childhood when our parents took us to see “Ganje Gharoon” and “Soltaane Ghalbhaa”. I am amazed at how many know the songs by heart.

Please note that this album is produced in Iran and distributed by “Gol Avaz” in California. No phone number or website is indicated on the cover.

Album: “In Memory of Fardin”
Singers: Iraj and Ehsan **
Music: Assadolah Malek
Poems: Bamdad Jooybari, Hossein Monzavi, Moshfegh Kashani, Homa Mir-Afshar and Mansour Khaksar

1. Beyaade Fardin
2. Shabaaneh
3. Gheblegaah
4. Gomgashteh **
5. Saaz o Avaaz
6. Daaghe Javaaneh
7. Parvaaneh **
8. Azizi Mesle Joon
9. Ghebleh


* Track 1
* Track 2

From “Taraanehaa va Khaaterehaa #3” CD
* Barg-e Sabz #200

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