The magnificent and unparallel voice of our much loved Akbar Golpayegani will wow his fans once again. “Maste Eshgh” is a beautiful and memorable album features one of Iran’s master violinist (and one of my most favorite) Assadollah Malek, with a piece by Master Ali Tajvidi. There are other well known artists including Fazlolah Tavakol on Santoor, Alireza Tavakol Tonbak, Omid Amiri on Setar, Mahmoude Rahmanipoor on Brabat. Thie album was produced in Iran but is available on some Iranian websites.

Selected tracks from “Maste Eshgh

* Saaghi
* Ebaadat
* Baghabaan Khasteh
* Vatan
* Saaz va Aavaaz
* Sarnevesht
* Mehrabaani


Album: Golhaaye Ghorbat 4

Ashk Hasrat

Album: “Peyvande Rooh”

Golhaye Tazeh #10
Vocals: Golpayegani
Musicians: Asadollah Malek, Farhang Sharif,
Majid Nejahi and Jahangir Malek

Golhaye Tazeh #36
Vocals: Golpayegani
Musicians: Habibollah Badiee and Farhang Sharif


Akbar Golpaygani (aka Golpa) has been one of my favorite singers since childhood. I was in love with him because of his unique classical Ghazal style of singing.

I saw him in person for the first time in 1977 when a group of us went to his club Saghi in Tehran. The electriciy was out and as I was trying to convince my friends to leave. Then I head his beautiful voice behind me asking us to stay. I turned around to face him. I was shocked to see how short he was and felt so sad!

I saw him in 1995 again in a very samll and intimate concert, the magnificent voice very much in tact. I gave him a hug and kissed him. I had finally come to terms with the fact that the man I loved since childhood was short!

Avaazeh Khaan” album is truly beautiful and will make the listeners drunk without the hangover. Golpa’s voice and the beautfiul instruments are in perfect harmony. The most delightful surprise is the performance of two great violinists in one album. Assadolah Malek and Siavash Zendegani whom we remeber performing with Hayedeh on some of the TV performances. This is Iranian music at its best.

Album: Avaazeh Khaan

1. Delam Tangeh
2. Vaghti Bahaari Nist
3. Mehrabon
4. Aghigh
5. Tarahom
6. Ruzegaar
7. Avaazeh Khaan
8. Man Toraa Aslan Nayaavardam Bedast

Album: “Ghahro naaz”

1. Darvish
2. Shabgard
3. Ashk
4. Mooye Sepid
5. Havase Meykadeh
6. Delam Gerefteh
7. Delshekasteh
8. Ghahro Naaz

From right before the 1979 revolution

* Mazraeh

From “Taraanehaa va Khaaterehaa #3” CD

* Barg-e Sabz #200

Tracks from “Sargozasht” CDc* Darighaa
* Buseh
* Faryaad-e eshq
* Qasr-e khodaa
* Sargozasht

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