Simple math

Over the past couple of weeks, hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants of Hispanic background have rallied on the streets of major cities across America demanding for the Government to change their status to legal.

These illegal protestors come from under-developed countries of the central/south America and have entered this country illegally. I am not a lawyer but the most novice in the law profession would tell you that during these rallies the authorities should have apprehended and deported them back to their country of origins!?

These illegal folks are simple, uneducated, and poor and yet they are smart enough to realize the unlimited power in their “unity!” They recognized this unique force and effectively exploited it and took a firm position on their demands. The shear magnitude of their presence on the streets of Los Angles, New York, and Chicago has sent a clear message to the US Government for possibly modifying the US immigration laws in order to accommodate these folks as legal citizens.

This very powerful tool of unity, organized assembly, and peaceful demonstration is nothing new. It has been effectively used by various groups in the American society and this recent event proved to all of us that it can be as effective when used by the illegal immigrants even after 911!!

Let's see if we can explore some parallels between above and Iran and Iranians. In the very same cities of Los Angeles, New York, and Chicago there are hundreds of thousands of highly educated, affluent, sophisticated, and most important of all “legal” Iranians. One can only imagine that if unified, this is a force that can not be reckoned with!?

The predicament of our motherland, Iran, invaded and occupied by the barbaric terrorist Mullahs and their communist-backed infrastructure and fuelled by the indifference of Iranians (both inside and outside Iran) over the past 27 years have brought us at a juncture where military confrontation with US is nothing but imminent.

The Mullahs have been after nuclear weapons to further their existence and the destruction of the world though terrorism (=Islam) while the civilized world, rightfully so, can NOT allow that to happen. The civilized world prefers a “regime change” which requires a cohesive and unified representation of an Iranian opposition as a result of which the Mullahs and their supporters would have to relinquish power and leave Iran. 

But, where to go and why should Mullahs leave especially when the Iranians of Los Angles, New York, Chicago, London, and other cities around the world are marginalized and have precluded themselves from the equation of fate.

To better describe the equation of fate, I have simplified it so that even those single-digits among us can follow:

Iran's Fate = a * Iranians + b * Foreign Interests
Where, 0 < a < 1 and 0 < b < 1. a = coefficient representing level of strength of Iranians due to their (patriotism, vigilance, unity, focus, respect for and trust in one another, etc.) b = coefficient representing the level of taking advantage of Iranians by the foreign interests due to their (ignorance, stupidity, divisiveness, etc.) The relationship between “a” and “b” is very clear, the higher “a” is the lower “b” is. So, if “a > b”, it is less likely for you to be manipulated by the external forces.

Of course, one can bring up a counterexample of the so-called 1979 revolution (mass suicide) which had most Iranians united and yet was entirely controlled by the outside forces. Well, as the old Persian saying goes, “If I chomAgh you in the ass once shame on me, If I chomAgh you in the ass twice shame on me, If I chomAgh you in the ass three times shame on you… “

Now let me summarize what we learned here today. When people are engaged, vigilant, proactive, participating, united, and take firm position on their cause they have a better chance of obtaining their goals and objectives in the long run and powerful foreign interests are very likely to bent and give in.

It is ironic that many of these poor illegal Hispanics live in Southern California and work for our sophisticated and yet confused fellow Iranians!? I wonder if there are many lessons the masters can learn from their servants… !?

So before it is too late, get up, stand up, get united, get assembled and rally on the streets very much like your “illegal servants”, beware of the running-by chomAghs, and scream from the bottom of your lungs, … regime change in Iran… or else, bombs will start falling down very soon!!

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