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From “Oje Gharibe Yek Seda”
(The Heights of a Rare Voice)

Shirin was born in Iran and began singing at the age of six. She was invited to participate in childrens programs on national Radio and Television, and sang at social events and celebrations in schools and public festivals. Her early passion for singing led her to train as a soprano in Iran, and gave her the opportunity to perform in more professional environments. When a small window of freedom opened after the Revolution, her first performance was at the age of seventeen, when she sang the song The Voice of the Revolution at the Polytechnic University of Iran.

In 1981, Shirin was arrested with thousands of young people as a political activist and spent five years of her youth in prison. Her passion for music and her memory of melodies of life strongly contributed to her ability to survive the intolerable conditions of life in prison. Her first melody was composed in her mind, based on the poem Cest Une Femme or This is A Woman, inside the prison walls.

In 1990, after escaping Iran and moving to Canada, Shirin was introduced to Iranian traditional music, training in Avaz and Radif. She became an integral part of the Khavaran and Saba ensembles, and they toured successfully throughout Canada. Her performances have been enthusiastically received in many social, cultural and charity events.

In 2001, Shirin was invited to participate in the Canadian National Film Boards documentary The Three That Remembers. She was interviewed and sang the song Payeez Amad (The Autumn Is Coming). This song was her first experience with Iranian pop music.

Following her humanitarian commitments, in 2003, Shirin accepted the invitation to be a guest soloist with the French orchestra, The Mahapooran Ensemble, in Afghanistan. The group spoke out against the war in numerous concerts, with a combination of Persian poetry, Khathakali dance and modern percussion.

In 2005, as an Iranian singer amongst performers from all over the globe, Shirin was invited to contribute through her performance in a magnificent benefit concert called Parlons Genocide or Talk about Genocide. In 2006, Shirin has completed the production of her first CD: , expressing her appreciation for humanity, and her desire for peace and love throughout the world >>>

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