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This was originally from the album Endless Vision, a live recording with Hossein Alizadeh & Jivan Gasparyan on stage in the Niavaran Palace outdoor venue in Tehran (Sept.4-6, 2003) with more than 12,000 spectators. The attached mp3 file is a haunting live performance of Sari Galin, sung in Azerbaijani, Armenian, and Farsi. Alizadehs arrangement is amazing, and Afsaneh Rasaee's emotional singing stands out even though she can't sing solo on stage in a live performance in Iran. Jivan Gasparyan sings the Armenian lyrics with the calmness and assurance of a true master musician. The Farsi lyrics give the song a whole other dimension when they start. — Babak Khiavchi

Hossein Alizadeh (Shurangiz)
Jivan Gasparyan (Duduk, Vocal)
Vazgen Markaryan (Bass Duduk)
Afsaneh Rasaee (Vocal)
Hoorshid Biabani (Vocal)
Armen Ghazaryan (Duduk)
Ali Boustan (Shurangiz)
Mohammadreza Ebrahimi (Oud)
Ali Samadpour (Dammam, Udu, Vocal)
Behzad Mirzaee (Daf, Tombak)

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March 2, 2001

Mohammad Reza Shajarian (vocals), Hossein Alizadeh (tar), Kayhan Kalhor (kamancheh) and Homayoun Shajarian (tonbak and vocals) performed magnificently during their European and North American tour in 2000 and 2001. The title is from a poem by the late Mehdi Akhavan Sales. [See: Yari Ostovany's review]

* Avaaz
* Bidaad
* Daad
* Daad o bidaad

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Jahanshah Javid
September 1996

When I received a copy of Alizadeh's Neynava concerto (Kereshmeh Records, 1994) recently, I didn't expect much. Had no idea who he was or what kind of music he performed.

I played the CD and, instantly, I remembered the melody. It took me back to the early 80s during the middle of the Iran-Iraq war, and reignited all the mixed feelings of sadness and patriotism…

And yet Neynava has a pure integrity that allows an appreciation beyond a certain historical period. One of the most beautiful pieces of music produced in Iran after 1979, it will be cherished by many future generations. And deservedly so.

Alizadeh, born in Tehran in 1951, has performed extensively throughout the U.S., Europe and Asia. He is considered, I found out (and not surprisingly), by many as one of the most important figures of contemporary Iranian music.

* Naynava clip 1
* Naynava clip 2
* Naynava clip 3

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