Thank you USA, Israel

I wrote an email to all my friends from all over the world who asked about me. It's what I have been feeling. I'd like to share it with you all, as it expresses my feelings about all this and the truth behind it all. — Hanan

I have finally mustered up the courage and energy to write you all and say thank you for asking about my safety and the situation in Lebanon… 

Well just so you all know I was lucky (or unlucky) enough to have been outside of Lebanon when all this started … I'm sitting safely in my parents house in Amman. Like the rest of the world, I sit and watch from my comfortable home. I can't say the same for my friends and boyfriend whom some of you might know already I am supposed to marry this August 12 in Lebanon … until last week I was in the process of inviting friends from here and abroad and planning a fun party in Lebanon, now this same energy has turned into a full-on drive to find money for food, and shelter for the humanitarian crisis in Lebanon, or whatever remains of the sovereign nation that was fully-functioning until very recently.

Homelessness, hunger and fear are rampant with 50,000 people displaced within their own country and thousands of others fleeing Lebanon. The shelling has not stopped for one week now. The Israeli Defence Forces with a green light from the US have ravaged the country, yet again with complete disregard to international law and international conventions, for the sake of clamping down on 'terrorism' or nuclear Iran or evil Syria.

As the 73 year old German mother of my soon to be husband told me a few days ago when I could finally reach her over the phone, “from our house in the mountains which overlooks all of Beirut, we can see and hear everything. I never thought I would see or hear again what I did in Germany in 1945 as a little girl”. And this is coming from a woman who courageously lived through a 15 year civil war in Lebanon, both exacerbated and prolonged by Israeli meddling and disregard for human lives and international law.

Again, the world sits and watches. Words like 'international law', 'blatant violation', 'extremism', 'fundamentalism', 'military offensive', 'middle eastern crisis' seem to do nothing to the international community, they are bored with them … frankly, I am too, despite their truthfulness. Perhaps we should change the words to reflect what people are really feeling. How about 'horrific', 'pain' 'nausea' 'heartbreak' 'disappointment', 'robbery','blatant lies', 'injustice', 'racism' , 'loss of human dignity', 'loss of human life', 'loss of dreams' and 'loss of hope'.

Maybe these words will help in making the world begin to understand what it means when the 'Civilised' Axis of the US, Europe and Israel decide to play out their might and political agenda on a tiny historical and beautiful land called Lebanon-a Lebanon we all adore. But the truth is that not enough words can ever begin to explain the horror of what is happening in the name of 'democracy' 'self-defence' and 'freedom' and last but definitely not least 'security for Israel at all costs'.

When will this so-called 'civilized' axis begin to practice what they have for so long preached to the 'uncivilized and terrorist' Arab World, about free societies, free media and democracy? When will they who have placed themselves atop the moral high ground be honest and courageous enough to question the State of Israel's right to do as it pleases in the name of self-denfence so that it never again experiences the horrors of WW2? When will they begin to question their own dirty role in the birth of extremism, misery and hatred in one of oldest civilizations in the world. When? Perhaps no one has the answer to that. But until then, as one Lebanese Christian who managed to escape Lebanon told me last night here in Amman: 'until then we are all hizbollah … '.

I would love to write a note and say to those responsible: “Thank you again Mr. Bush, thank you again Mr. Olmert. Thank you again dear world, dear international community for giving extremism and fundamentalism in this part of the world, more breathing space, more hope, more faith that it will indeed conquer one day. I can't begin to thank you enough for fucking up our lives-again”.

Hope your all doing well.



p.s. For those who I've told about the wedding in Ghassan Parents house in Lebanon and wanted to come, it's no longer on. For those I hadn't gotten the chance to tell, you were on my list, but sorry… it's not gonna happen-Israel's “insecurity” got in the way.

Sent by P.T.

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