Bandar Abbas

Hassan Shojaie captured the heart of all music fans in  late 1960 with “Namehresoon”. A series of hit songs followed. After wedding parties ended and the guests took to the street riding behind the car carrying the married couple, the song “Dishab khaab mididam aghdet mikardam” was blasted from many cars.

I have always loved Shojaie's voice. In 1977 I was so touched to find out that he taught at a special school for troubled boys. His warm and sweet voice brings back many good memories and I vividly remember that warm summer afternoon in 1977 driving on Takhte Jamshid Avenue (now Taleghani Ave) listening to his album at full blast when I saw his brown BMW dive by me. He just smiled hearing his songs from another car.

This album was among my recent birthday presents and I absolutely loved it. Some of the songs were previously released in 1992 (I have the tape). I omitted “Dokhtare Mou-Talaaie” because I do not see it fit for a “kooche bazari” singer to sing about Western blonde girls! 

Tracks from “Bandar Abbas” CD

* Khuzestan
* Bandar Abbas
* Doktaroon
* Darvaazebaan
* Negaah
* Zaamene Ahoo
* Sharzade Ghesegoo
* Solh

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