Regime change policy change

In recent months, Ms. Condoleeza Rice has emphasized the importance of using multilateral diplomatic channels in dealing with Iran. This change in policy stance toward

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Autumn letter

Mother always had her way with words, squinting at my page to find herself, to catch my foreign breath and let it linger, see it

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Four things to know

  If I had to reduce everything I know to four things I would choose the following empowering insights The first is this: do not

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Grading grief

  Sorrow comes in different grades: The one-night stand Who Runs  With the first rays of sun, Having had his fun. There is the one

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Blood and oil

My mother’s people rousted about for oil In migratory circles through the south Over Oklahoma scrub and dust Tectonic tiles of sundried Texas mud Scarred

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Sadistic hunt

it is a sadistic hunt to search, with such heart such intensity for one bird the one with the wings different and the song she

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Leila Farjami


Leila Farjami was at a Berkeley public library Saturday reading poems from her newly-published collection of poetry, “Eteraafnaameye Dokhtaraane Bad” (Baran Publishers, 2006). Video clips

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