Why Register?

The new Iranian.com website uses a sophisticated content management system to help manage all of the stories, blogs, photo essays, music and other items that appear on the site.

The new content management system also controls who can see what content. For example, our advertisers are given access to pages where they can modify their ads. You, the reader, don’t get access to those areas of the site.

Similarly, our contributing authors get access to pages where they can submit and edit their stories. People who do not have those “access privileges” don’t see those pages.
We have designed iranian.com so that the average reader can see all the stories and the comments made by other people without logging in as a registered user. But they can’t leave comments without logging in.

Other benefits of registering include:

1) You can comment on stories and even on other comments.

2) You will get a free blog and you can post your thoughts on your blog. All entries will be summarized in the “Blogs Section” (just click on the “Blogs” tab above), and those of broad interest will be “promoted” to, and appear on, the home page.

3) You can subscribe to an email summary that goes directly to your inbox; that way, you won’t miss anything, even on busy days when you can’t visit the site.

4) You can submit articles, stories, poems, and other items for consideration by our editors and possible publication on the site.

5) You will be able to send messages to other registered users on the system. This feature is turned off for the general public.

6) Some ads will be “geo targeted” and will only show in certain areas. Unless the site knows you live in the New York area, you may not be shown the ad about a concert in New York.

The new site is meant to support the community by giving the members of the community a voice here. Initially, that voice will be heard in your comments on existing stories, your blog entries and the content you submit for publication. Now that we are on a more modern publication platform, we intend to extend the tools for your expression — and all of those future plans are based on “registered users” having access.
So, don’t be shy. Register today! And log in whenever you visit. Our Privacy Policy will protect your information, and you will be able to fully participate in the discussions.

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