You get the picture

A few moments later, I started reading the letters page. As usual, many well written letters with great content. While basking in the thoughts of how well some of my countrymen and women write in English, I came across a letter by the “individual” with the internet pen name of Issa Hajizadeh. Subject of this letter was “Sad rahmat beh gaav” in response to a peice written in the memory of the well known General Minbashian from the pre revolution times.

Over 50% of the words used in this 3 paragraph 11 line little piece were words like “fuck”, “shit”, “goh”, mother f’er etc. This individual just HAD to share his “thoughts” on the general with the rest of us. Then I remembered this was the same moron who wrote a similar letter about a group of Bahai women who were killed in Shiraz some 20 years ago. This “individual” wanted to shit on all Bahais.

I am not sure what this sub human entity eats for food, but it sure sounds like he has a lot of excrement to share. Most likely he does not have a family to offer his feces to and so goes the compelling need to share it with strangers. Then I got thinking. What sort of sub human entity would write letters like this?

My conclusions:

This thing is most likely a male; genetically speaking. He is most likely short, either very fat or super skinny as a pencil. He works as a janitor at one of the 1 star motels in Vegas. He has a very small penis and much to the delight of his “female” motel coworkers, he has erection issues. Not only he cannot get one, but once in a blue moon when he does get one, he cannot sustain it. Therefore there is no danger of sexual harassment or assault.

“His” body odor is such that his nick name is Sheik Skunk. Humans that come across this entity offer him tomato juice in 55 gallon drums so that he could take a bath in the juice and take the edge off of the vile smell.

Besides sexual and hygiene problems, this entity is very ugly. A cross between a monkey’s butt and Khomeini 48 hours after his death. You get the picture.

So, you see, this entity may just deserve to rant and rave once in a while. Wouldn’t YOU if the shoes were on your feet?�

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