Soap opera, Iranian style

Roya got married when she was 19. When she met Shahrokh, who was educated with the prospect of working outside Iran, she couldn't believe how lucky she was. She had the natural feminine flirts that trapped Shahrokh. He was 15-years older and fell for her very quickly. She seemed kind and pretty. Roya had neither interest nor potential to go to university but was quite ambitious to go abroad and live a free life.

The first couple of years went well and they traveled to Turkey and South Asia. Roya was always talking about leaving Iran and living abroad. Shahrokh was slow in exercising his options. He had not seen Roya in a foreign country and didn't know how wild and immature she might be. He wanted to wait a little longer till she gets older and more reasonable. Shahrokh didn't like when she was wearing vulgar clothes or flirting with other guys. He wanted to have kids and a family.

Few years later Shahrokh gave up! He had two options: divorce or listening to Roya and move to another country. He liked her and wanted to have a family with her and decided to give their life a chance. She was angry and mad and decided to be calm and play the role of a nice wife till she gets the chance for complete freedom. She already knew that by going abroad, she can get half of her husband's money and get rid of him. She hated him but knew how to manipulate him and use his weaknesses!

Immigration process didn't go smoothly and it took longer than she expected. At times, she was mad and was harsh with him and at other times she would go back to the plan to play the nice wife. After many ups and downs, they had their immigration visa and she was happy!

Not long after the final stages of immigration, she started to show attitude and being really difficult and before settling down in the new country, she asked for divorce. It was all Shahrokh's fault as he lost control and reacted physically one day. He was angry, upset and felt like he has been cheated on! Roya, still keeping the last of her youth and beauty, couldn't take the risk to wait longer. She needed her freedom and money now! It was already too late. She liked always to wear sexy clothes and show lots of skin and wanted everyone to see and admire her! She seemed also vulnerable at times and wild at other times. A combination that made Nader fall for her later.

Nader was married for 15 years when he first met Roya. Timing was just right to make him fall in love her. He was going through mid-life crisis and his wife was not aware of it. She confidently believed in the base of their family and could not imagine that one day she may loose Nader! The spark was dead between them and their goal changed through years. Being a housewife, she was not taking care of her appearance much, and her great character and respect which attracted Nader at first, didn't help to keep him anymore. She was not sexy anymore!

It wasn't long after Roya's immigration when these two met. Roya, slightly afraid of new situation she made for herself, was reaching out for support and immediately recognized Nader's need to be a hero for her. He was still handsome and could help her to get rid of Shahrokh — with no expectation, as he was still married. After all, she needed a man as — she never believed she can do anything by herself.

She was amazed how easy and fast Nader fell for her. It was much more than she expected. He was totally ready to spend all his time with her and she knew how to keep him interested. Nader's wife, who felt something is wrong, initiated a couple of things: nice dinner tables and new clothes, as they were doing much better money wise. But all her efforts went unnoticed as Nader never came home on time to have dinner with her. Arguments started! She was upset and inexperienced and was taken by shock. How fast my man is leaving me! She couldn't imagine it. All the attempts to keep him were useless as he was already gone! After a few times when dinner went cold and Nader came home after midnight, she accepted the separation. They grew apart and nothing could bring him back to her. Roya's attaraction was very strong!

All set! Roya hit the jackpot!

Nader, being a romantic and sensitive man, was stunned by Roya's beauty, feminism, and good sex. He had no choice other than taking the fast road. Both of them divorced, and then bonded together through the process even more. Nader feeling guilty, was trying to help Roya as much as possible to feel good about himself since Roya told stories about being mistreated by her husband and her family. Funny enough, at times when she was drunk and honest, she said nice things about her husband, and then Nader would condemn him. Those nights sex was even better! Nader felt like a hero who had rescued the beauty from the beast! Roya enjoyed it to the fullest. She had enough money now, and a man who would do anything for her without expecting anything in return. She had complete control over him and her situation. Now she could start hunting for a better looking and younger man.

Time went by and Nader saw the other side of Roya. She tried other men but none stayed long. She was self-centered and didn't develop any skills, except in bed. Men enjoyed her body but not her mind and could not trust her. All were leaving her except for Nader who was there for her and would accept anything: strong bond, habit, mutual history, love, and weaknesses, all together. They shared much more than letting go. He didn't have the same feeling anymore, but still, anytime she was dating another man, he was jealous and needed to feel they belong to each other. He was convinced that he can take the good and the bad from Roya.

Nader was able to see the mess they had made but was in denial. Roya was disappointed and angry as she could not get other men and leave Nader. She was getting older and was loosing her influence on men! Only older, uglier men were attracted to her, not younger, more attractive men! Nader often thought of his situation and wanted to fix the mess and get rid of the headache. He didn't regret what he did but was tired of denial! Mid-life crisis had passed and he needed more respect and acceptance!

Then as they decided to clean up their mess, Zohreh came into the picture!

Zohreh was a single mother who had lost hope in finding a romantic man to love and cherish her. She tried a relationship with a younger man before, with no success. A well respected woman has a feminine side, but not as good as Roya's. Roya didn't think of her as a competitor, but Zohreh had a good cover. Zohreh is not pretty or young and Roya saw no danger of loosing Nader. She still can manage him and get him back anytime she wants. Zohreh was an easy target as he knew how desperate she was.

The real Soap Opera, Iranian Style starts here!

Nader and Zohreh are a couple now. She knew all the history between Nader and Roya and their current situation. Oh, the current situation: Roya is always around and is still desparately looking for a boyfriend. Nader goes to Roya's place any night Zohreh is not with him. Roya dates other men and has sex with them. When she breaks up with them, Nader is there to be the hero again, especially in bed. Zohreh, knows what's happening but prefers to ignore it. Zohreh tries to get revenge by going out with Nader's friends as much as possible and every now and then she can get “good revenge” and feels better!

They go to parties together, drink together and dance with each other. Roya and Zohreh act very friendly. Everybody around them knows what's going on and they act like nobody knows! Insecurity screams from their relationships and lack of morals is very obvious.

They talk about great Iranian culture and family values and rant about people who don't believe in them. Their children see the hypocrisy and suffer but they don't say a word! How can we do this to our children? What influence we have on them and what role model we define by such unusual/confused relationships? These people need help to understand what they want and where they are standing! I just hope our children never learn from them but unfortunately there are many instances of Soap Opera/Iranian Style around us. I wish no child feels what those children feel and experience!

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