Kahtmayan: Live in Studio – The Last Station
Due to strict government regulations imposed upon musicians in Iran, obtaining official permission to record and perform songs with lyrics proves to be such a daunting task that many musicians find solace in instrumental Rock music to express themselves. Kahtmayan is one of the many bands in Iran that have found an outlet for their inner frustration through Heavy Metal, and continue to create and perform music despite the endless obstacles in the path of their artistic creativity >>> More

Kahtmayan: Live in Studio – The Last Station” is a documentary DVD + CD package includes a full-length DVD featuring tracks from the “Exir” album in a live performance at the BAM Studio, Tehran, January 16, 2006, plus the entire “Exir” instrumental album on CD with 8 blistering audio tracks from Kahtmayan including “Xenophobia” and “Auricle” which features Nahid Atefi, a female Heavy Metal guitarist from Iran.

Also appearing is Scott Ian from Anthrax, completely shocked that a Heavy Metal band of this caliber exists in Iran. Hosted by Metal Sanaz.


Kahtmayan started in January 2003 in Iran, although much of the music was written by Homayoon Majdzadeh (guitarist) before that time. Official band activity began with the addition of Ardavan Anzabipour (Bassist), Khaled Sanad Zadeh (Drummer), and Ali Khodadoost (Keyboardist). In mid-winter 2004, Vanik Vartanian replaced Khaled Sanad Zadeh as drummer, and Kahtmayan started to record. In 2007, Arash Pajand Moghaddam has joined Kahtmayan as a drummer and the band has started some new work recently >>>

— Thanks to Babak Khiavchi

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