A screw, a defective one, that’s what I am. Pay attention! I’m not a nail. Nails are flat head with no character I say. They

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This is a short play about an Iranian boy who gets disowned by his father. Part 1 The players: Farhad, a young Iranian boy Eric,

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Time of their lives

What’s so special about camping holidays you might ask? What with dodgy shared toilets, dodgy shared shower facilities and the risk of rain flooding your

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The saga continues

Let us as football fanatics be just that: fanatics, and let the extremities of our emotions overwhelm our logic in dealing with the continuation of

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A house I call Iran

There is a large, old-fashioned house in my village that has visibly withstood both the harsh elements of nature and social struggles. Its presence is

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Brush with history

Son of the Assyrian writer Rabi Adai Alkhas, Hannibal was born in Kermanshah, Iran, in1930. His uncle, John Alkhas, is one of the two most

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