Backwards will always be backwards

Recently Dariush Abadi questioned whether the recent stoning of one person is backwards, when compared with the apparent progress made by the IRI since 1979.

Yes, Dariush. It is by definition, backward.
This is 2007 A.D., not 2007, B.C. Anyone who thinks this is acceptable in any society must be stoned (as in high) themselves. But let's not stop there. Let's address the rest, shall we?

The very fact that the U.S. has not attacked Iran has nothing to do with Iran playing her hand well. In fact, if this were the World Series Of Poker, Iran wouldn't have made it past the 1st round. The IRI has become as predictable as a sunrise at dawn. Heavily accented rhetoric from some olaagh in a band-collar shirt from the 1980s in desperate need of a shave and a shower (especially the shower) does not equate to playing one's hand well. It's merely a case of two bullies attempting to show each other up. The only difference is that the olaagh in Tehran speaks English better than the jackass in Washington.

Don't be so quick to praise a country where corruption is thicker than the smog in Tehran and L.A. combined, drug addiction and prostitution are rampant, and the average Iranian makes less money in a year than an illegal immigrant in the U.S. makes in a month.

It's too bad you have an issue with Imperial flag, since I (and I'm sure many others) take issue with that piece of trash they call a flag now, something not even worthy of serving as toilet paper. Your comment to Darius Kadivar to get out of 2,500 years of backwardness directly contradicts your idea of having rocks thrown at you for having sex by a bunch of illiterate villagers who haven't been inside a vagina since they came out of one as being progressive. Maybe the idea of seeing someone suffer like that assuages one's own guilt.

It might be helpful to know a few simple definitions.

Republic: A state where sovereignty rests with the people or their representatives.

Treason: Betrayal of one's government/providing aid and comfort to the enemy.The monarchy was the government that was betrayed, and that degenerate Moussavi Hendi was the enemy that was aided.

Martyr: One who is killed for his/her beliefs. The children who died in the Iran-Iraq war were killed… murdered by the IRI… not for their beliefs, since school age children are too young to formulate their own belief systems, but for the mullahs to remain in power. The IRI is the chicken you refer to, who sent babies to do their dirty work, since they all are a bunch of gutless bastards, spineless like jellyfish.

The real question is… Dariush Abadi, how do you live with YOUR self?

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