New dimensions of stupidity

Nahid Shafiei writes:

I just read an (on the site) that kept saying this U.S. administration wants to “get rid of the IRGC (Islamic Revolutionary Gurads Corps or Sepah-e Pasdaran) by bombing them or placing them on the “terrorist” black list, etc. etc. The article kept talking about this “getting rid of” as if this military unit is a house or a building or a specific location that they can just bomb and “get rid of”.

Regardless of whether you are a supporter or opponent of the Islamic Republic, regardless of whether you are pro-Islam or anti-Islam, regardless of whether you are a liberal, conservative, or somewhere in between, and regardless of whether you are a nationalist with Aryan blood running in your veins or “Westoxicated” (as Jalal-e Al-e Ahmad would say) —–

Aren’t you just amazed at the STUPIDITY of these American journalists and so called military and political “experts” in this country?!!! How can you just “get rid of” a military unit made up of 125000 well trained, both ideologically and militarily, soldiers spread all over Iran, indeed maybe even the Middle East, by sending your bombers into Iran? This administration’s solution to all the problems in the world is to send in their bombers and cruise missiles.

Even though they have done so much “kharaabkari” in Iraq they are still riding their high horse of arrogance into the land of stupidity and ignorance about the whole world, especially the Middle East.

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