What do you mean you’re celibate?

I have recently taken a vow of celibacy. By recent, I mean REALLy recent. Like two days ago. This blog will be a chronicle of this new and perhaps fascinating (both for myself and for the readers) stage of my young tender life.

No, I am not some kind of Iranian nun: My body does not belong to god.

And nope, I don’t think the body is a temple.

I am also not, what is called an “incel,” an involuntary celibate. Believe you me, this is all voluntary.

Nonetheless, I have decided to see how my life, my self, and even perhaps my body will change when it can’t be in a “Carnal Union” with another.

Since I have announced my decision to my friends, I’ve gotten mostly bemused looks and quizzical tilts of the head. I’ve been given anything between 2 days and one month before I end up breaking my vow. One friend even went so far to say: What will you do with your blog when you end up breaking your vow, as you undoubtedly will?

Good question, I don’t know but I’m sure we’ll find out together.

So here are the simple rules to my celibacy vow: I will not have intercourse or any other kinds of course until Dec. 31, 2007. After that, the world will once again be my sadaf.

Wish me luck!

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