From an Iranian CEO

Payam‘s response to Ben Madadi‘s “The art of getting some“:

I have been asked frequently to give talks about my life. I have never done that before. Having read this and a few other articles, I have finally decided to write something on Internet for the first time.

A bit about me (this part may sound boastful, but please be patient):

44, practising Muslim, never drinks, always prays and fasts, read Quran regularly, anything from good to very good looking, 178 cm, 81 KG, Stanford PhD (Eng), Stanford MBA, classically trained pianist, full hair, no glasses, co-founder and CEO of a privately-held technology firm with a staff of over 500, and 150+ Million/Year revenue. Married to my dear German wife for last seven years. She is a 34 year-old school teacher, a 177 cm stunner for whom I happily turn away from the whole world. We have “never” been apart for more than a day. It will remain that way.

Life has not always been like that:

After graduating from Sharif, Entered Stanford and the day I got my PhD, I had 5 dollars in bank. Worked for Intel and did a MBA. Started a tech firm and failed.

At 37, while recovering from failure of my first company and death of my dear mother to cancer, I met my wife. My net worth was negative, I had no car, I could barely afford my rent and food. But I was very educated and quite good-looking by any standard. many Iranian girls and their families turned me down because my life was in such a deep trouble. Then I met her. So beautiful and so humble. Agreed to convert to Islam and we married. No pre-marital involvement of the types you modern gentlemen talk about all the time! She married my future potential and my principles which I owe to my faith.

I started out again. It was difficult, very very difficult. She stood with me. She stood with me even that night when we had no money to buy dinner. I slept hungry and she ate an orange. This time God showed us favour and we made it. Now, she can have my entire wealth, if she wants. But she is not that type. Despite our wealth, we live simply. We drive Toyotas not expensive cars. Very few people know my net worth now is over 100 million. My best hobby is to play Ostad Javad Maroufi’s “Gila” for my wife and our two beautiful daughters.

I know most you ladies and gentlemen do not like to hear this last part:

It is GOD who brings about situations and circumstances not armschair experts around Internet. It is GOD who gives you stuff and takes stuff away from you. We are weak. very weak. If you ask, ask for his favour.

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