Wright is wrong

Someone please tell me if Robin Wright is a journalist or Haleh Esfandiari’s PR manager. How dare she can get away with such a that “Esfandiari and the [Woodrow Wilson] center have long denied receiving any U.S. funding for the lecture series she runs.”

The about page of the Woodrow Wilson Center reads “Approximately one third of the Center’s operating funds come annually from an appropriation from the U.S. government.”

And then, Lee Hamilton writes in his report to the Congress (PDF) that Woodrow Wilson Center continues joint ventures with American and non-American organisations that are “mutually beneficial” and “extends the reach and the effectiveness of the Center’s work.”

And guess what joint ventures the Middle East Programme (run by Haleh Esfandiari) continues to work with: Middle East Program conferences with the Hoover Institution on Iran, with USIP for Iraqi women, and with the National Endowment for Democracy on Islamism and democracy in Muslim countries;

Robin Wright deserves to be fired for such obvious false, unfair and partial way of reporting that she consistently showed during Esfandiari’s arrest in Iran. How can the Washington Post continue to stand such clear violation of the most basic rules of journalism?

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