Citizen of the world

I am a citizen of the world

Yet, I don’t have a passport

Issued by a world government

I have regard for all people

Not only my kinsmen and compatriots

I acknowledge the humanity of all

Without regard to their religion, culture or nationality

I see my fellow human beings

As the inhabitants of a large city

In which different cultures live and meet

I scorn nationalism

I am wary of patriotism

I am suspicious of particular loyalties

My allegiances and loyalties are widely dispersed

You won’t see me raising the flag of any particular nation

I favor multiple attachments and cultural mélange

I take an interest in strangers

In their practices and beliefs

There is much to learn from our differences

Differences do not worry or frighten me away

They intrigue and draw me in

I love traveling and foreign cultures

I love world literature, music and cinema

I live in a world without borders

I lead a cosmopolitan life

I find my inspirations

In a cosmopolitan world


-Rotterdam, Netherlands

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