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Hear Hear….

I’m pleased to announce that our efforts in television production is slowly starting to rub off on other Iranian TV Networks. A certain Satellite TV network, with the motto that there is nothing above them, stated not to long ago that they had decided to move away from sitting behind a desk and to go out and interact with people in the open, away from the studio, and to provide more reality tv style programs. Although they never made any changes to their programming, it’s refreshing to see these networks trying to adopt our creativity in producing their own content, in bebin.tvish style.

More recently I was pleasantly surprised to find that there is another fairly new Online Iranian TV network broadcasting out of Canada. Although mistakenly claiming to be the First Online Iranian TV Network, a title which we boast ourselves at, I was happy to see that they chose the internet to broadcast their programming, as we believe that online media will play a fundamental role in reaching Iranian audiences. I was even more happy to see that the individuals who were involved seemed to be from a younger generation.

At we certainly welcome the competition and encourage more talented young individuals to get involved in changing the face of Iranian Media.

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