Noooo, it’s Halloween again!

For the most part we are not conscious of time flow. We don’t hear the ever cruel tick tick that brings us our undoing . The kind of ignorance that is a bliss. But then there are these cyclic events that disturb our peace and serve as a reminder that hey another year just gone by and we are one step closer to the grave. Today as I was strolling in the market doing grocery shopping I saw these huge, ugly, orange pumpkins and I thought to myself “No it’s Halloween again!”

Now I know why I have come not to like these events. Halloween and Christmas and the rest. They act like milestones in life. They are reminders that another year has gone by. These events make the time flow in a circle as opposed to a straight line. If our perception of time was a one dimensional flow, a river so to say with an open or unknown end, that would be easier to deal with. Like running a marathon as opposed to running laps.

On the question of these events that every culture tries to preserve, like Halloween or our tasteful and colorful nonetheless absurd tradition of “Charshanbeh soory” (jumping over fire the last Wednesday of the year) one has to wonder if they are doing us humans any good. I know they can be fun specially for kids but don’t they contribute to the lasting superstitions and stupidities of sort. You can not be promoting and preserving these traditions and then blame most of the people for believing in astrology, apocalypse or other such unsavory notions!!

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