Frustrate the plans of oil neo-colonialists

To frustrate the plans of the oil neo-colonialists in starting a regional domino of having resource rich regions of national entities tear themselves asunder from their larger whole with the promise of great riches for those regions at the expense of their national entities, while in reality engaging in a cynical strategy of “divide and conquer” to cart off the regions energy resources “on the cheap”, I propose creating a consortium of concerned businessmen to support the Iraqi Oil Minister, Dr. Hossein Shahrestani’s, efforts to strengthen the hand of the central government in asserting control over that country’s oil resources and to undermine the efforts of the likes of the Kurdish regional authority in attempting to market the oil in their region directly to foreign oil neo-colonialists. The consortium would simply offer to purchase the Kurdish oil production through the central government and the Oil Ministry, at a 5% premium to whatever the foreign oil neo-colonialists are offering the Kurdish regional authority directly. I anticipate regional countries like Saudi Arabia and Iran, who might fear their oil producing regions might be the next target of the oil neo-colonialist’s mischief, would strongly support and may even help fund such a consortium’s endeavor.

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