Lease End “Hold-Up”

Someone I know recently turned their leased car in with approximately 3000 less miles than the 30,000 miles allowed under their lease, but did they get any credit for that under-usage? No sir! Instead they were charged the equivalent of three months extra lease payments (nearly $1,300) because of “excess wear” on the tires of the automobile (didn’t seem excessive to my layman’s eyes), a ding on the hood of the vehicle, and two dings on the doors!?!?! As if though we who lease are not sufficiently raked over the coals by excessive lease finance rates, now these bandido auto-leasing companies have found another way to hold-us up without any recourse or right of protest (the word of the auto inspector is final, and of course they are paid by the auto lease finance companies, so you know where their loyalties lie.) Gulp! Leads me to wonder (better yet, fear) how much lighter my pockets will be when they account for the insignificant scratch on my fender, the small ding in my door, and my faulty “burnt-out” tail light indicator lamp? Truly, we consumers are simply sheep for the slaughter for these large and avaricious corporations.

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