No homosexuals in Iran.

In a way, I am not surprised at what Ahmadinejad said about homosexuals in Iran during his Q&A sesssion at Columbia University this morning.

You see, Ahmadinejad’s social interaction has been limited to the Islamic circle of Akhoonds and Mullahs in Qom, and Monkeys.

In Qom, sex is usually between grown men and male children below the age of 12. This act is generally referred to as lavat and the mullah’s really don’t graduate from the Theology School of Qom until they have raped a dozen young boys. Sex with women, young girls or grown men does not count.

Because Ahmadinejad was really young duing his rape sessions in Qom, he really cannot call this a homosexual act. There was never any foreplay or reciprocation.

After age 14 or so, Ahmadinejad’s sexual experience has been limited to monkeys; the species he most closely feels at home with. So, because his sex partners after adolesence have been chimps and other variety of primates, he cannot relate to homosexual behavior as it exist in the U.S.

So, please stop criticizing Ahmadinejad and start investigating the Jews and the holocaust. Alsan in joohood ha homosexuality ro dorost kardan.

If Israel is wipe off the surface of the earth, all human problems including homosexuality will be solved.




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