There is no argument that any form of distruction of human life is unacceptable. Wants it to be the holocaust or death in Iraq for what ever reason. It is amazing how western media and governments relate every action against its, not only civilians but also its military, as act of TERRORISM. If an angry middle easterner acts as a vigilanty and say wounds two US or British soldiers he is referred to as a TERRORIST.

At the end of second world war two US atom bombs killed over 200,000 civilians which included innocent Japanese children, old people and maybe even adults who did everything to avoid killing or being killed for their emperor. It is so shamlessly ignored that one asks himself/herself why is it so. If killing just one Israeli soldier by a suicide palestinian bomber is an act of terrorism, then what do you call bombing of Hiroshima? I do not recommend you to ask this question from G. Bush. Having less than average intelligent from other politicians, he probably comes up with an answer like they tried to finish the war to stop the blood shed! But then Palestinians or Iraqis can say exactly the samething, but they are still considered as terrorists. What US government did in Hiroshima was also an act of terrorism. I bet no one will ever ask this question from top US politicians because it always been avoided and they have no answer for it.

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