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The delay, a concession to Russia, China and Germany – the other three countries in the fragile coalition of six world powers that are seeking to rein in Tehran’s nuclear ambitions – came after a week of haggling on the outskirts of the General Assembly. The six countries issued a statement advising Iran that a diplomatic offer of economic incentives remained on the table if Iran suspended its uranium enrichment program.

The statement said the six powers would finalize the new resolution and bring it to a vote unless reports from European foreign-policy chief Javier Solana and the International Atomic Energy Agency in November “show a positive outcome of their efforts.”

Bush administration officials, who have been pushing diplomats to ramp up sanctions against Iran, said the move to put off a decision until November reflected the harsh realities of getting all six countries to speak with one voice.

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How naïve can the major powers be? After all they have no power against the multinationals that run the modern world’s equivalent of slavery in China, and US domains in the southern Pacific. Cheap labour, as in prisoners, but more importantly, cheap energy from Iran is supplied to China, but go to companies like Wal-Mart in China to export to USA.

Do you buy that unmarked stuff? It was made with Iranian oil and prisoners on cheap property in China. That is a fact and the corporations that have no regard for human rights do this. The list is endless and includes everything you buy. Sorry to spoil your shopping experience.

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